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Lake: Pueblo Reservoir
Fish: Largemouth Bass

First time at Pueblo

Post By: Dabindaniel      Posted: 7/18/2019 8:10:02 PM     Points: 152    
Making a trip to Pueblo reservoir for the first time for the weekend to do some bass fishing.Iíve never caught a spotted bass so I definitely wanna try to catch some of them as well as some smallies. Problem is I have no clue about this place. Any tips or advice? Thanks in advance!
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 7/18/2019 8:24:16 PM     Points: 11412    
Fished Pueblo today and got 19 SMB and 1 Spot. Nothing big but several 12 to 16 inchers. You can find the SMB off just about any rock pile, rocky point or on the flats near the deep water drop offs. Spots have been more difficult this year but again I like to fish them off rocky points, rock piles or cliff walls. I fish mostly jig and crawler or jig and gulp minnow but I'm sure you can get them on cranks or other lures like twisters etc. A few places to try are the rock wall faces or Rock Creek Cove, Ship Rock Cove or basically the whole north shore to the west of the north marina. If you have any specific questions drop me an e-mail on my skippers link.
 Reply by: Dabindaniel      Posted: 7/18/2019 9:14:39 PM     Points: 152    
Thanks for the reply and advice! Iíll be camping on the north side so thatís nice!