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River: Cache La Poudre River (Lower Canyon)

most profitable snag ever

Post By: oldblue156      Posted: 7/10/2019 9:45:59 PM     Points: 1909    
while fishing the poudre this evening I accidentally snagged a tree on a back cast. When I looked up to where I was snagged I noticed some other flies and line hanging from the same 16" section of branch. Determined not to loose my elk hair caddis (which had just produced a few fish) I looked around for a stick long enough to whack the end of the dead tree limb and hopefully break it off. I was successful in my quest, broke the end of the branch off and was amazed at the number of flies I found stuck on to this stick once I looked at it closely. Upon further inspection at home I found no less than 15 flies, not including my own which was immediately tied back on after rescue, as well as one bait rig with 2 hooks and a snap swivel. Many of these flies are still usable and will find a home in my fly box. I'm not greedy though...If anyone recognizes this fly stealing stick and would like their fly back I will try to get them back to you! Just goes to show, you never know what to expect while fishing!
 Reply by: Swimswithtrout      Posted: 7/14/2019 8:36:07 PM     Points: 149    
I was fishing Tiago Lk yrs ago. Fishing was absolutely amazing, I'd kept a few for supper for my wife and kids, but I couldn't stop while they were hitting so fast.

I was out in my float-tube and suddenly my fly rod bent double, I wasn't sure what it was, because it wasn't particularly fighting, but it was very slowly coming up.

After a 5 minute "fight", I finally landed my quarry, a live basket stocked full with a case of cold..

I decided it doesn't get any better than that and called it a day.
 Reply by: Catdubbing      Posted: 7/15/2019 1:00:55 PM     Points: 68    
Darn you didnt find my trailing shuck san juan worm or my size 6 griffiths
gnat . just kidding fly tying humor
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 7/15/2019 2:00:49 PM     Points: 62963    
That's pretty cool!
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