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Pedal Kayaks

Post By: FishGrand      Posted: 7/6/2019 9:11:36 PM     Points: 750    
Iím thinking about buying a pedal kayak. Would appreciate any insights about which ones have been good and if there are any places around Denver to see them firsthand, as iíve only been able to find them online. Thanks for any help!
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: Jul. 6, 9:58:13 PM     Points: 0    
If you are willing to pay...cant go wrong with a Hobie. I cant imagine fishing out of anything else besides my pro angler. I purchased mine from Pikes Peak outfitters down here in the springs...great service!
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Jul. 7, 1:26:26 AM     Points: 7812    
A couple of questions right off the bat...Budget? how much are you looking to spend? the Hobie PA 14 is pushing $4k and the Native Titan 13.5 is over $3k as well. Hobie Native and Old Town are the big three brands that you will see but there are plenty of others and they are all pretty solid in terms of quality now.

How do you like to fish? Boats like the Titan are built like a mini bass boat. Super wide and stable so that you can stand up and cast, flip and pitch into and around cover to chase your prey. Other boats like the Predator PDL are seemingly more geared for speed, whether you are trying to get to your next spot or trolling your way down the lake the Predator has consistently been tested as the fastest of the pedal drives. Now that's not saying that you can't troll or move fast in a Titan or stand up and fish in the Predator...both can accommodate either.

How much do you want to customize your kayak? so many choices and options here that I really can't do a quick dive into it.

personal preference plays a huge part in this too. If you aren't comfortable in the kayak and don't feel stable then you should be in something different. I fish out of the Predator PDL (although I wish I was getting anew one this year with the price going down to 2499...paid a few hundred more for mine) because I feel extremely comfortable in it. the wind in South Park is no problem for me and being the fastest kayak on the market makes going against the wind really easy.

Take a look at the Colorado Kayak Fishing Club if you haven't already. tons of great information on their face book group page and the tournaments are a blast too. next one is on the 13th at Elevenmile, stop by for the "weigh in" around 2pm and ask some questions.

One of the board members Alex also runs a pedal drive rental company [log in for link]
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 7, 6:37:25 AM     Points: 750    
Thanks guys very helpful. Iíd plan to use the yak often in Walden area and on some Wyoming lakes, so the Predatorís strong performance in wind is attractive.

I have a Ram truck with a short bed and the pics iíve seen of yakís riding on the roof and a high lift off the back hitch look unmanageable when going solo .... any insight re vehicle transport and transport from vehicle to water when our solo would be appreciated
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Jul. 7, 9:23:25 AM     Points: 7812    
Yea putting any of them up in a roof rack can be a chore especially if there is a strong wind. Get a bed extender like this one [log in for link]

Makes life a hell of a lot easier! I would also look into getting a set of wheels for the kayak to get it from your truck to the water and back a lot easier. Dragging a 100+ lb kayak isnít very fun especially after a long day on the water. Boonedox Landing Gear is awesome and makes the task much easier, but a little pricey. I have mine mounted to my rear mounting plates which still gives me room for my tackle crate behind it. A lot of people really like the C-Tug cart, I havenít used one but the people who do love them.
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 7, 10:22:47 AM     Points: 750    
Thanks so much! I was a bait fisherman from shore my whole life until about 5 years ago .... Iíve enjoyed float tube fishing but look forward to covering more water on a kayak. Thanks again for your help.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Jul. 7, 4:11:56 PM     Points: 6002    
I recently bought a Big Game Prowler for cheap with the intention of taking it to Baja. Super wide and comfy, no pedal drive but heavy. Bought a roof rack, too.

But when buddy and I went to fit the rack on his Suburban, I realized it was too much of a pig for me to get it up on his Suburban without a hernia.

I ended up using my much lighter Tarpon 120 for the trip! If you are thinking about using and moving a pedal-drive kayak a lot, figure out how you're gonna move it around. Pedal-drive kayaks weigh at least 25# more than the Big Game Prowler I mistakenly bought.

I'd really like to try a pedal-drive setup, they seem very well-suited for lake fishing, and ability to troll with rods easily accessible. I've only kayak-fished in the ocean, and it is a hoot!

 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 7, 9:04:23 PM     Points: 750    
Definitely thinking about length and weight issues .... Any thoughts about 10.5 vs 12 ft vs 13 ft size?
 Reply by: VINNIE      Posted: Jul. 8, 8:04:56 AM     Points: 730    
I fish the salt in Texas and would never get less than 12' for speed,stability and comfort. Mainly SOT but the peddle yak is handy for distance runs and a rudder is a plus. For all day outings a comfortable seat will save your back. Cheers
 Reply by: dasflikken      Posted: Jul. 8, 10:22:09 AM     Points: 4845    
The patent on Hobie's Mirage Drive just expired, so Pelican just released their version of it in a 12.5' x 34" rudder operated yak. It's the Catch 130 HD, and it comes in at $1500. I've already seen some sales at $1300, but for half of what Hobie charges, I don't think Pelican will have to offer too many sales to get a large part of the pedal market, as so far, the reviews on the Catch 130 have been overwhelmingly positive. While researching the Catch 130 I stumbled upon a 13' Chinese bicycle style pedal yak for $650 from a company called Sailing Outdoors. I've decided to ride out one more season on my Walmart Lifetime yak, but next season I'll pull the trigger on one of these two boats. Hopefully by next year there will be more reviews available on the Sailing Outdoors model. I'm pretty sure all Pelican sales in CO are online only through either Pelican or REI.
 Reply by: Skookshunter      Posted: Jul. 8, 3:00:12 PM     Points: 2658    
Confluence Kayaks in Denver will have a few options for you to check out. Im a Jackson guy myself and run the BigRig FD: [log in for link]
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 8, 7:07:35 PM     Points: 750    
Thanks guys ó appreciate all of the input and advice!
 Reply by: Freestone303      Posted: Jul. 10, 9:56:01 AM     Points: 442    
There were a few new options unveiled at ICAST this year. Vibe has a new one for pretty cheap, Hobie has a new one for an astronomical price.
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 10, 11:40:42 AM     Points: 750    
Iíll check out the Vibe options. I never realized there were so many options I feel like iím researching this purchase more than buying a new truck! The Predator PDL looks nice ó and theyíre giving a free fish finder if you buy this week ó but I wonder if iíd be overpaying compared to some other brands.
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: Jul. 10, 1:04:43 PM     Points: 0    
Not sure if this will help your decision ...Here is a little video of how I fish out of my Hobie PA14. Like I said before, am very partial to Hobies :)


[log in for link]

 Reply by: Freestone303      Posted: Jul. 10, 4:41:19 PM     Points: 442    
Remember, some of the pro-staff anglers in the state will be selling off their kayaks at the end of the season for a good deal.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jul. 10, 7:38:26 PM     Points: 2289    
I picked up the PDL 106 (Old town Topwater) I LOVE the thing, but I have to agree getting it up on the roof rack (even on my little hatchback) can be a chore. Storage is another problem...make sure you read and measure, then read and measure some more.

I'm currently storing mine in my LIVING ROOM....because it didn't fit where I THOUGHT it would.

I've had it out once so far, and it was really impressive in the stability and speed department. I pedaled about 8 miles on my first trip and didn't feel like it was too tough...I'd never paddled that far for certain and probably COULDN'T. SO there is that.

In the end, do your research. It took me almost a year to decide which one I wanted, then I found a smoking deal on a package with all the "toys" to go with it. (rod holders, PFD, Paddle, rod leashes and anchor/trolley kit.

I will also agree with the "get a cart" sentiment. I couldn't imagine dragging mine to the water, and it's the 10'6" one!
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 11, 5:54:09 AM     Points: 750    
D-Zilla/other posters ..... when/where did you find a package deal and/or end of season sale for used kayaks? I want to make sure iím looking/searching in the right places.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Jul. 11, 9:37:48 AM     Points: 7812    
I purchased both of my kayak on eBay thru the same company. Originally I started with an Old Town Predator 13 and then upgraded to the PDL a couple years later both times they had a couple of different package options that included a paddle and another one that was $100 more or so that threw in some other accessories. both were brand new. They shipped it free thru a freight company and I had to pick up the first one at a warehouse and the second one was dropped off at my door.

Right now if you just google the kayak or kayaks that you are deciding on you should be able to find some package deals and a lot of them will be discounted since everyone just released all of their 2020 designs and everyone needs to clear out their inventory.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Jul. 11, 2:17:51 PM     Points: 6002    
Hereís my storage...
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jul. 11, 7:09:31 PM     Points: 2289 Outfit out of CA.

Ordered Sunday, had it Friday. Guys were super fast, and responsive and helpful too.

When I someday outgrow this one....guess who I'm calling?
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 12, 5:37:12 PM     Points: 750    
So today is the last day to buy an Old Town kayak and get a free fish finder... Leajing toward the Topwater 120 but will make a decision later tonight after a drink or two ..... If you think iím making a mistake please reach out soon!
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jul. 12, 6:32:42 PM     Points: 2289    
I love my 106, I hear NOTHING but great things about the 120 (including bonus features like a forward facing flush mount rod holder!)

Looks SUPER stable too, not sure about speed with it though....I hear the 2020 Predator is a rocket on the water, so maybe that translated into the 120 as well....

Don't wait too late though, that free fish finder is a bonus I didn't get, and wish I had! (those things aren't cheap)
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 12, 7:32:01 PM     Points: 750    
Thanks for the push, Zilla! Just ordered it! Excited to have a quality pedal kayak as well as a fish finder have never used one before but hope it gets me into more fish.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jul. 12, 8:54:08 PM     Points: 2289    
You'll enjoy every bit of it except the "on land" stuff.....they're NOT light, but the extra weight is worth the pain once you're on the water!
 Reply by: FishGrand      Posted: Jul. 12, 9:40:16 PM     Points: 750    
Thanks Zilla: really appreciate your advice and support!

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