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Fish: Largemouth Bass

The vacation is staying hot!

Post By: Nallywacker      Posted: 7/6/2019 3:22:02 PM     Points: 105    
Had another great day yesterday before the storms rumbled through. We got off the lake right before they hit and had to drive for another hour and a half in some pretty gnarly storms, but it was worth it.

My wife finally caught her first bass and topped it off with another one to make sure it wasnít a fluke. I was so proud of her, sheís been patiently trying to learn and it all came together finally.

I caught 5 nice LMB one weighing at 3.4lbs and 18 3/4in the next biggest weighing 2.9lbs and 16 1/2in chunky, the other 3 I caught on consecutive cast.

Bada ba ba ba Iím loviní it :-)
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: 7/6/2019 3:31:22 PM     Points: 105    
2.9lbs 16 1/2in.
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: 7/6/2019 3:32:56 PM     Points: 105    
2 more decents, didn't bother weighing probably right at 2lbs
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: 7/6/2019 3:34:11 PM     Points: 105    
I was so proud and happy, lol.
 Reply by: BOOMBOOM7      Posted: 7/9/2019 5:15:55 PM     Points: 0    
That's awesome work bro! I have been focused on bass this year since last year I could fish at a private lake filled with bass.