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Fish: Largemouth Bass

Is it just me?

Post By: BOOMBOOM7      Posted: 7/1/2019 1:34:40 AM     Points: 0    
Is it just me or does the fishing suck this year. I have noticed a few things.

1. The fishing sucks right now
2. The public lakes are over fished galore
3. Everything is becoming private now, or fishing is less about the sport and more about making a buck. It all requires money, or membership at this moment or buying property or membership to fish in northern Colorado. Like what happened to just going fishing. Now it's join this club, spend money on this membership, join this golf club and fish this private lake, or certian companies buying rights and you need permission or a membership or have to join a waiting list. Fishing is blue collar but is becoming white collar. At Lear that is what it's appears. Maybe I am noticing it because of my next reason.
4. Yearly mass fish die offs. In northern Colorado. So far I know it's happened 4 times (that I know of) practically each year since around 2013. I know we have are really focused rn on either creating better habitats in rivers for trout and I do appreciate Colorado working to help foster and support the bass population & walleye. With bedding construction. (Little concerned with their use of concrete & ph balance) buuuuut hopefully someone smarter then me has that covered. I also appreciate Colorado stocking Plus certian sub catchable trout because of disease on trout. But there still has been several lakes in the area that suffered losses. Then the floods and the Then consistent yearly mass fish death since 2013.
5. Plus this spring has been bizarre and the coldest spring I have seen maybe ever. The weather hasn't been normal
6. Or maybe I suck at fishing this year! This is an option I consider lol.
7. Because who likes to stop at 6? It's all the above! Or some of them all! Except for 6. 🤣😂. I feel like because I am an intermediate fisherman and everything combined. That I am suffering too catch fish this year. Anyone else?

Or Thoughts?

I am bored of trout fishing. I am focused on bass, walleye, catfish. Mostly bass!

I have fished- 3 secret locations 2 providing fish but still low #. Boedecker (I actually have never caught a fish there ever) lon hagler (hooked a fish but never got to shore but worked hard for that. Both lake Lovelands. Every pond at jayhawker except big bass yet. (Several bites no hook but that could be the topwater weedless bait) Arapahoe bend (beaver pond), Avery pond, boyd, horseshoe, donath lake.

P.s.s.s I am pretty sure not counting rivers. We have more protected, private or not stocked bodies of water in the northern Colorado. That the public either can't fish or has to wait to fish or is protecting the seagulls and pelicans. Then we have public fishing lakes. I don't enjoy fishing rivers. So is it just me?

Help me! Haha

 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 7/1/2019 3:32:19 AM     Points: 56317    
It's a weird year imo. Everything seems to be happening a littler later this year. Glad to see I'm not the only one who can't sleep....
 Reply by: Skookshunter      Posted: 7/1/2019 6:32:32 AM     Points: 2866    
If you need a confidence boost go fish Horsetooth: [log in for link]
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: 7/1/2019 1:02:22 PM     Points: 24252    
Like Goosehunter82 said its been a strange year. This was a cool spring and turning into a cooler than avg summer. I,m a gardener. I have ...never... gotten peas past about the about the 2nd wk of June out here. My snap peas are still going strong ! Go figure ! Nature adapts. As fisherman we have to also. The trout bite is just starting to taper off for me. The Bass bite been a little slow. Still cant complain about the number of fish nor the variety. 5 species so far.And 1 SKUNK OUT. Not sure what qualifies as "sucks " for you. But for me. OK. It's been strange. But not terrible. AND this is COLORADO. Expect the unexpected !

More fisherman = More fishing pressure. That said. These waters are FAR from being over fished. I think all the people using the lake to just float around on causes a bigger concern for most fisherman.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 7/1/2019 1:21:53 PM     Points: 8322    
Have been really struggling to put my kids onto some small pond bluegills so far. Couple of bites but nothing much...that and we arenít out for very long either and we donít really have the time to move around a lot or they will lose I took a mental health break to Antero to reset my fishing mojo!
 Reply by: Artsy      Posted: 7/1/2019 2:00:21 PM     Points: 315    
I definitely agree that our lakes and reservoirs are overfished! Have you ever went fishing on a Saturday or Sunday???

It's a freaking zoo! Just about anywhere you go. And because the lakes are so overfished/overpressured, all you catch anymore is stockers and small fish.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 7/1/2019 3:31:02 PM     Points: 58787    
panfishin.. how come you don't have a contact link? Email me on mine.. I got something for you
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: 7/1/2019 3:42:46 PM     Points: 165    
It's just you. :) It was a late spring, but I fished more and caught more than the previous couple of years. One of my favorite lakes did not produce as usual, but others made up for it. Try something new if the old routine doesn't work. Crowds are not going to go away. On the bright side: we have water.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 7/1/2019 6:09:58 PM     Points: 38196    
Nothing normal about this spring. Some smaller ponds started to behave for us in late May. Just keep trying and broaden your tactics.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 7/2/2019 12:58:15 AM     Points: 30143    
When Iíve gotten out itís been good, just have to work with the conditions.

As for the crowd and private gripe. If you donít mind crowds, we have some great fishing opportunities. If you can afford it and want less crowd, private is really nice. Either way, enjoy what youíve got...

Honestly, I see a fair amount more water going private in the future and Iím excited. There are very few front range private water clubs at the moment.

Wtf die offs are you referring to?
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 7/2/2019 3:14:58 PM     Points: 204    
I gave up trout fishing a while back son got me started on pike and ever since it has been pike and bass for me.if you get c chance for the pike go for it. You want some thing that fights hard.and there is always that chance of a 40".Pike are a great sport fish although the state would rather see pike dead and the slimes want them dead too.i am a native coloradan of 60 years and I just got tired of trout fishing it is way to easy to catch them.I suggest some of you trout fishermen go catch you a pike or two and see what I want a challenge try it out. POWERTOTHEPIKE!!
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: 7/3/2019 10:41:52 AM     Points: 1326    
Funny, I kind of have given up on bass fishing this year in Colorado and have focused more on trout after having fished all last year without catching any bass AT ALL.
But it could be that I was picking overcrowded lakes..... because I will absolutely agree with you on that... fishing on the front range is TOO CROWDED. Just too many people
 Reply by: Fisherguyd      Posted: 7/3/2019 2:38:35 PM     Points: 96    
Yeah I hate to say it but I have done pretty good on Bass this year, Horsetooth just never lets me down. Topwater is awesome! Get that Whopper Plopper out!
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: 7/3/2019 2:55:53 PM     Points: 165    
^ "I hate to say it [...]"

No, you don't. It felt good saying it, didn't it? :)
 Reply by: nparker      Posted: 7/4/2019 10:17:11 AM     Points: 1927    
Keep at it. You will learn something every time out.
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: 7/4/2019 12:23:09 PM     Points: 24631    
This has been one of the best bass years I've had for size and numbers of bass. All on public water. Just have to constantly move around. Try new techniques and put in hours and hours of research
 Reply by: Bwallace10327      Posted: 7/5/2019 2:52:49 PM     Points: 204    
This has been the least productive fishing year of my life, thus far. I hate to hear it is happening to others, but I'm glad I'm not alone!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 7/7/2019 11:05:38 AM     Points: 58787    
BoomBoom - welcome to the forum.

I can't tell if it's better or worse, I never catch fish anyway. Ask FXAO
 Reply by: Lakerman      Posted: 7/7/2019 11:28:47 AM     Points: 0    
Cant comment on summer fishing but I had my best ice fishing year ever last winter on the front range. Wallys were hitting. Been a busy spring and summer so far. Just now getting to the boat. The boat will only be wet during the week no weekends. Hopefully life will slow down a bit .
 Reply by: BOOMBOOM7      Posted: 7/9/2019 4:43:14 PM     Points: 0    
Hey thanks everyone really appreciate hearing back. So far I have caught 3 walleye and 3 chunky 3-4.5 lbs bass and 1 2lb bass.
 Reply by: BOOMBOOM7      Posted: 7/9/2019 4:44:08 PM     Points: 0    
It seems to be slowly picking up

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