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Lake: Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Spinney info

Post By: VINNIE      Posted: 6/22/2019 6:42:32 AM     Points: 730    
Anyone been to Spin recently.. Been 3 weeks since I've been there and wondering water clarity and bug activity.. Big flows at the inlet.. Thanks
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 6/22/2019 8:59:09 AM     Points: 6199    
Wednesday was very slow for us. Clarity best near islands, at 5-6 feet. Murkier at south ramp, visibility only 2-3 feet . Water 56-58 degrees. We only saw small midges, no other bugs worth mentioning. Big rafts of bug husks along some shorelines.
Park County was repairing the 59 road, at least, those potholes were getting pretty bad. I wish I could report something exciting.
 Reply by: VINNIE      Posted: 6/22/2019 12:23:30 PM     Points: 730    
Thanks malty... Heard the same thing from others. I would think they would be moving shallow but maybe needs to warm a bit more.. Lots of cold water pouring in. Antero has been steady with a good callibaetis hatch late morning when the wind lays down. Cheers