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Antero depths

Post By: MOJO      Posted: 6/16/2019 4:43:24 PM     Points: 405    
I am going to try some spots at Antero that I usually don't and was wondering what depths to expect. For the first time, I'm going to hit the SW island area and the W side. I'm jst trying to avoid some real shallow stretches. cheers

 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: Jun. 17, 10:15:22 AM     Points: 405    
 Reply by: idlerick      Posted: Jun. 17, 11:25:01 AM     Points: 4    
Behind Antero island is very shallow (3-5 feet), but holds fish if the weeds haven't taken over. There are some drop-offs east & north of AI, but in close is also shallow. Fish just off the drops. Weeds aren't bad yet where I've been going (NW side), but will be soon.
West side is shallow and weedy, very hard to fish most places. I've tried many times to boat close to the SF inlet, but never made it for the weeds fouled prop & just lost interest.
Assume you're in a boat/pontoon, not hiking or tubing? Just try the areas and see what they're like. Won't take long. My definition of "shallow & weedy" may be yours of "fishy".
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: Jun. 17, 1:06:04 PM     Points: 405    
Thanks, that's the info I was looking for. I've hit along the dam and the N shore, but not too much W.
 Reply by: VINNIE      Posted: Jun. 17, 3:50:46 PM     Points: 730    
Like rick said from the campground island to Antero island is basically flooded cow pasture but can be special when the hatches are on. Site fishing to risers on the dryfly can be awesome. I don't use anything less than 2X tippet and strong hooks are required.
 Reply by: idlerick      Posted: Jun. 18, 9:33:03 AM     Points: 4    
There's a great example of one man's trash, etc. Dave likes the top water action, and there's no better place for fish on a sunny day than in thick weeds. Esp if you can find open holes. I prefer the deeper water where I can use lighter gear and not worry about getting weeded or broken off.

Dave- you still getting down to Venice/Osprey? We're still in Sarasota Nov-Apr, but last year the Red Tide wiped my fishing out completely. Sara Bay was the epicenter of the bloom, I think, and it killed everything. Hope '19/'20 is better.
 Reply by: VINNIE      Posted: Jun. 18, 1:33:25 PM     Points: 730    
Hey Rick maybe you outta come and fish the dark side with me sometime. Put 15 in the net last Friday all on drys from the shore. I'll be up tomorrow and Thursday at the CG in a Cherokee trailer and red Dodge.
And no sold both Bradenton and Venice cause just got to crowded with the snobirds. Only good fishing for me was snook in the lites or 40 miles out. Redfish in SE texas fills my salt itch. Cheers
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: Jun. 19, 9:52:17 AM     Points: 2853    
Out of curiosity Vinnie what kind of dries were you using? The wind didn't cause too much of an issue on Antero?