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ATTN: blackbassmetal ( Boulder Reservior)

Post By: ShuMugen      Posted: 6/12/2019 8:36:01 AM     Points: 853    
Just seen your report, and just to Follow up with you.

You are able to access thru IBM/Coot Lake but just a warning. Boulder Res does have Operation hours and when they Close for their hours the entire lake is Suppose to be Closed, even the access thru IBM/Coot. if you do decide to park at the entrance and enter thru the gates during closing hours you can get Ticketed for trespassing. I personal have talked to the local ranger/officers and staff about this. Yet you may see a lot of folks walking the tails and running after hours inside of the park they are technically trespassing. I Have personally gotten a Warning for leaving out of park a couple mins late. If you get stuck after hours(parked inside) there is a number you would have to call and you will be ticketed and fine heavily to be released thru the gates.

If you have anymore question please email me