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Lake: Ridgway Reservoir
Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Remove a few smallmouths with friends

Post By: LAKETROUTSLAYER      Posted: 6/4/2019 1:21:09 PM     Points: 238    
A friend of mine's got a new boat to him and wanted to try it out and caught a few bass on 6/3. So his daughter, him and I took his boat out to Ridgeway. We got 7 eaters and 5 that we left on the bank for the herons to eat and she got some great pics of them. The lake is stocked up with stocker trout and we got some for her to have some trout dinners. Here is a pics that I took of the keepers we got.
 Reply by: Dakota Dude      Posted: 6/4/2019 1:28:13 PM     Points: 2571
Wow. If you do this in the future. Please do not brag about it...You're a skipper on this site for god's sake. I don't care if there is no limit on smallies at Ridgway, show some class.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 6/4/2019 2:14:01 PM     Points: 38013
I've gotta agree.. Glad to hear you guys had a successful day on the water, especially with a kid along.

But this is a dangerous place to talk about throwing fish on the shore to rot or be eaten. Invasive or not.
 Reply by: Coyute      Posted: 6/4/2019 2:14:12 PM     Points: 148
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 6/4/2019 3:33:21 PM     Points: 77238
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: 6/4/2019 3:48:47 PM     Points: 220
Bah, he's just helping out the gubmint. What are you guys? A bunch PETA dudes? :)
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: 6/4/2019 6:28:33 PM     Points: 2760
Nice, looks like a fish fry is in order.
 Reply by: LAKETROUTSLAYER      Posted: 6/4/2019 6:36:02 PM     Points: 238
Just giving a fish report is all I was doing but next time I will do a Paul Harvey story and tell half the story and the rest of the story will not be told.
 Reply by: aresgraphix      Posted: 6/4/2019 7:59:42 PM     Points: 107
Iím kind of confused. Did the OP break a law? Not trying to be a smart @$$. Iím honestly curious. If he did, by all means, any and all hostilities seem warranted. If not, I donít really understand. People need to leave their personal emotions and feelings to themselves. Society is rampant with people who believe that their feelings somehow matter. Personally, I canít stand when people kill fish or other game just for S&G. But unless a law was broken, cíest la vie. My personal feelings donít mean anything. And in all fairness, no one knows all of the story. And except for a couple of fish thrown to the birds, it appears theyíll get eaten. Are people honestly upset that a man went to a lake and caught fish to eat? Are we to start self rationing what we eat because someone else doesnít like it? How is that any more logical than the vegans who want to graze and condemn people that eat meat? It just seems silly to get so bent out of shape. I know. Weíll eventually have no more fish to catch if people donít quit taking more than their fair share(sarcasm). But again, if now laws were broken, let it go. Thereís no reason to bash this guy.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 6/4/2019 8:04:29 PM     Points: 38013
Ares.. all game meat must be prepared for consumption and not wasted. All moral and sportsman ethics aside, leaving fish ďfor the herronsĒ is a part of the story that either should not be done, or at a very least... not posted online.
 Reply by: ass bass or cash      Posted: 6/4/2019 8:34:10 PM     Points: 2353
I'm guessing the 5 left for the birds were super small based on the size of 7 "eaters" pictured.. Maybe not much meat on the bone? The lake notes ask anglers to keep all smallmouth caught.

If it were carp, I'm guessing this wouldn't be as much of an issue.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 6/5/2019 7:18:29 AM     Points: 9978
Why leave out the emotions-are we robots? If my feelings and emotions do not matter, what is there to live for?
 Reply by: randog      Posted: 6/5/2019 10:35:24 AM     Points: 1805
Wanton waste is a felony. You could have your fishing privleges suspended.
 Reply by: 007      Posted: 6/5/2019 11:09:11 AM     Points: 81
Leaving fish on the bank (even in overpopulated waters or areas where they are being removed for the benefit of native fish) is a poor way to represent angling. IF your're are interested in removing these predatory fish, at minimum have some discretion and dont post it on an online forum and better yet, grab a fish scaler, clean those bass and grill them whole. You will be more likely to throw back the stockers and keep the bass for your stringer, I guarantee it.
 Reply by: randog      Posted: 6/5/2019 11:13:26 AM     Points: 1805
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: 6/5/2019 11:33:24 AM     Points: 6008
What surprises me is that there hasn't been a deletion of the post... apparently there is a disconnect / different opinion as to what the term "ethical" means....
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 6/5/2019 11:43:56 AM     Points: 3900
I don't have a dog in this hunt, I'm not arguing one way or the other, just have some thoughts as I read through this.

Since the bag and possession limit has been lifted, and DPW is asking ALL smallmouth caught to be kept, not just those large enough to eat, do they still quality as game fish in this instance? And would the wanton waste apply? Not arguing the bank is probably not the best place to leave dead fish, curious the thoughts on if they would fall into this regulation.

I agree with the fact they were were within the law, and, again, fish on the bank aside, I would argue even ethical, since the state is asking for help in removing the fish. However, I also agree that if someone brags on the fact they tossed fish on the bank they will get passionate responses, and rightfully so, being this is a public forum.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: 6/5/2019 11:58:16 AM     Points: 6008
Very reasonable and well said shiverfixÖ.. my other issue is this- are you 100% sure that the herons and/or raccoons or whatever found those fish before they started to rot? There's no chance at all that the fish started to decomp and some of it was wasted? Maybe that's somewhat of a silly question, but I don't know, because I've never thrown a fish up on the bank before.
 Reply by: NoNick      Posted: 6/5/2019 12:26:58 PM     Points: 88
"Since the bag and possession limit has been lifted, and DPW is asking ALL smallmouth caught to be kept, not just those large enough to eat, do they still quality as game fish in this instance? And would the wanton waste apply? Not arguing the bank is probably not the best place to leave dead fish, curious the thoughts on if they would fall into this regulation."

Great points. As you stated, there aren't too many ways you can justify leaving the fish to die on the bank, but the confusion about what still defines a game fish under these circumstances is clearly the fault of the state. The CPW needs to have crystal clear definitions in all matters of catching fish, keeping fish, and removing all limits from game fish when it's their own suggestion to lawful anglers to do so.
 Reply by: randog      Posted: 6/5/2019 2:52:30 PM     Points: 1805
One more law that was broken is the illegal feeding of wildlife. As "left them to feed the herrings"
 Reply by: Dakota Dude      Posted: 6/5/2019 4:19:59 PM     Points: 2571
I don't think lifting a fishing limit has any impact on whether a fish species is considered a game fish. The fish in this instance are still smallmouth bass, which are defined as a game fish species in the rules and regs.

To put it in perspective, even when lakes have fish salvages that doesn't permit people to catch fish and just throw them on the bank. I don't think there is any question that such conduct would be a violation. The fish have to be prepared and used for human consumption. The laws seem crystal clear to me. If this isn't the case, then it only amplifies the ridiculous BS the western waters have to deal with due to the federal government protecting the native chubs in the CO river.

As an aside, just because the state asks that all anglers remove a game species from a lake does not make removing those fish "ethical". Ethics deal with moral principals, not what regulators suggest you should do. A moral principal of fishing is not killing every fish you catch, regardless of what the state says. Another moral principal is not throwing game fish (or any fish for sake of this discussion) on a bank to die.

Just my two cents. I don't believe everything people tell me, especially when it comes to the CPW encouraging me to keep all gamefish caught in waters I enjoy fishing.
 Reply by: nevskunked      Posted: 6/5/2019 4:55:38 PM     Points: 850
West Slope fishing at its best, A few more trips like this and it'll be trout trout trout only.
 Reply by: Phatrap71      Posted: 6/5/2019 6:10:09 PM     Points: 9
Spot on. I commented on this post last night and it was deleted. So much for free speech. I for one am sick and tired of our game fish being wiped out all for the federal dollar the Division of Destruction receives. Tons of wasted money and nothing but price increases across the board. As for the above original post truly disgusting!
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 6/5/2019 10:12:29 PM     Points: 2522
Yum-eee...stocker trout and bass. Think Iíll heat up a Hot Pocket instead.
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: 6/6/2019 12:16:36 PM     Points: 542
If youre eating smallmouth at Ridgeway your probably poisoning you kids with lead and zinc.
 Reply by: FxR Moderator      Posted: 6/6/2019 3:26:47 PM63
This straight from the CPW web site.

He is well within his right to what he did. By Law.

Smallmouth Bass at Ridgway Reservoir

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We need your help: Please keep all the smallmouth bass you catch at Ridgway Reservoir

Be a partner with Colorado Parks and Wildlife in fisheries management.

CPW is asking anglers to catch and keep all smallmouth bass that they catch. While some anglers object, please take a moment to read this explanation to gain a full understanding of the difficult issues facing CPW and Colorado anglers.

​Why should I keep smallmouth bass?

CPW strives to provide the best fishing opportunities that are appropriate for each body of water in the state. Biologists must carefully consider a variety of factors: native fish species, water quality, water temperature, available forage, the needs of water users, how water will be used, federal and state laws, and more.

Because of the native fish which live in the rivers downstream of the reservoir, bass are not a suitable species for Ridgway Reservoir. Smallmouth bass, which were illegally introduced 5-10 years ago, can escape and survive in rivers downstream. Because smallmouth bass are predators, they will consume significant numbers of endangered native fish. Bass have escaped from other impoundments in Colorado and they are having serious negative effects on native fish elsewhere.
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 6/6/2019 6:07:43 PM     Points: 95358
I just wanted to finish off this little chapter of fun forum activity with a closing statement. Iíve been watching it - I was initially going to stop it, but thought it would bring up some interesting points. And it did. Better to let some things like this go on and learn from them.

It is an anglers right to abide by the rules of the water, and the rules clearly state that the feds want smallmouth out. Then u have the leaving fish on the bank issue and now more folks are clear about that rule. We all make mistakes, and Iím sure weíve all broken a rule or two, knowingly or not. Hopefully we learn from them and donít make them again.

As for freedom of speech, sorry man but not here nor many private business places - thatís a government thing - please read up on it, it comes up every year. If you post and those posts have some reasonable substance to them and arenít just plain mean then they likely will not be removed. My least favorite thing about this job is babysitting the forum. I really appreciate everyone being civil in situations like this. Not everyone knows all the ins and outs of how to be an ethical and rule-abiding angler, and u canít always force feed that stuff. Itís times like these a lot of people learn.

Going forward, if u have opinions on anything brought up with this post, write something up and send it to me for a blog. Iíll bet thereís some good stuff to be seen. Just think it out, do some research, run it by someone whoís good at copy editing, and letís have a look. Great time to do some learnin.

In the meantime get back to fishing, take care of our fisheries, and follow the rules.


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