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Lake: Chambers Lake

Chambers lake info

Post By: Speezer      Posted: 6/3/2019 12:56:24 PM     Points: 690    
Hoping to hit up Chambers this weekend for a little camping. Anyone know if the lake is clear of ice yet? I saw that the Laramie river road is open, and im hoping to camp off of that, but another question i have is there still snow everywhere up there? Or has it melted away from the roads and in the dispersed camp areas?
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 6/3/2019 1:04:01 PM     Points: 29462    
Haven't been up that way personally yet this year, but my neighbor just got back from camping up the Poudre, and took a drive up Long Draw Rd. Said the snow drifts that were plowed were still over 6' tall. I don't think the Chambers valley gets hit quite as hard with snow.

Lake should be ice free, report from 5/17 stated ice starting to come off. Report from today that the campground road is still closed.
 Reply by: Speezer      Posted: 6/3/2019 7:30:18 PM     Points: 690    
Thanks ajax! Appreciate that info. The wife is dead set on chambers so we will give it a try. We aren't afraid of some snow and cold so I think we'll be alright, just wanted to make sure it wasn't crazy still. Haven't been up to the mountains in awhile so wasn't sure what the snow pack/ice was like up there.
 Reply by: jmkratt      Posted: 6/6/2019 12:11:28 PM     Points: 120    
I was wondering the same thing. Joe Wright too. If I make it up I will report back!
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 6/6/2019 12:27:06 PM     Points: 60093    
Joe Wright is still frozen.
 Reply by: VolcanoSteve      Posted: 6/6/2019 8:36:19 PM     Points: 59    
Drove down Poudre Canyon last night. Although Joe Wright is still iced, the edges near the dam have opened up a few feet. Looks like it will be fishable very, very soon. Maybe this weekend.

As I drove down further, I saw a guy with a rod and a stringer of trout coming out from Barnes Meadows, meaning it must be open. Since Barnes and Chambers are at the same elevation (with Joe Wright several hundred feet higher), I think you might have a shot at Chambers this weekend. Don't hold me to it since I didn't drive down to check.

At any rate, you might run across one of these. 11 in a field in Poudre Canyon. One on the left will be nice come fall.
 Reply by: Speezer      Posted: 6/7/2019 12:57:09 PM     Points: 690    
Awesome thanks for the info guys! Would be a nice touch to see some elk. My wife is already up there while im stuck at work, so hopefully she found a spot to camp