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The heron, the osprey and the eagles.

Post By: Coyute      Posted: 6/3/2019 10:31:49 AM     Points: 109    
A cool scene from nature yesterday morning whilst fishing with my buddy Powers:

A heron was fishing the shallow west flat when a bald eagle appeared on the horizon from the west. The eagle swooped in right next to the heron and made his breakfast, much to the blue heronís annoyance - the telltale heron squawk announcing displeasure at the Eagle poaching from his spot. The heron flew off in disgust carrying on until out of site.

Then a most interesting event was witnessed. While the beautiful eagle gorged on his catch just ashore, an osprey appeared - the distinctive fish-hawk screech carrying across the water towards Wee.

The osprey harried the bald eagle, trying hard to steal a breakfast of its own. The hawk would swoop in towards the ground trying to claim the eagleís fish and the eagle would hop off the ground trying to tag the interloper.

Then an even more awe inspiring event transpired. The eagleís mate showed up and did aerial combat with the Osprey while the larger eagle continued feasting. Once the smaller eagle had convinced the osprey that a pissing-match with an eagle could easily go south, the osprey flew off to fairer waters. The smaller eagle then joined her mate to finish breakfast.

Even raptors ahunt can teach us about fishing and ethics involved. Then again, Nature in its purest form knows nothing about ethics. No matter how much we carry on about ethics in angling, poaching fishing spots, or bullying, Nature doesn't care. The law might however. If you don't want to be bullied don't act a punk.

As civilized pescadors, too many times we witness the "bent rod pattern." We also witness bullying, poaching, and blatant disregard towards angling ethics. I used to want to sharpen my talons and give the offenders a hard swat to the face. But we all know the lowly fisherman that has to poach or bully has no ethics and even less skill as an angler.

photo poached for affect. :)
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: Jun. 3, 2:20:10 PM     Points: 3363    
Good read coyute !
 Reply by: jshanko      Posted: Jun. 3, 2:53:39 PM     Points: 6922    
Good read. One of the reasons I love fishing is to be part of the nature around us. I'm usually the one to see the Fox, Deer, Bear, wind bourn predators or just a Loon, Pelican etc. Every one should get outside more and open their eyes.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jun. 3, 3:43:20 PM     Points: 2245    
Well said, and easy to relate to! Itís not always about the fishiní.
Thank you Sir.