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Fish: Northern Pike

The Best Pike Fishing On Earth

Post By: wickedfisha      Posted: 5/28/2019 12:52:29 PM     Points: 1485    
Well, I figure if anyone is going to appreciate this episode, it is all of you fish nerds here on FxR. I hope you guys enjoy this heavy-hitter from the Colorado Wickedfisha. Come along with us as each and every one of us lands our biggest freshwater fish ever. I even managed to break the outfitterís length record for northern pike on this amazing day at Lake Nipigon, with a beastly 49Ē hog taken on the flyrod.

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 Reply by: Gwill      Posted: 5/28/2019 1:09:00 PM     Points: 4315    
Now that would be some serious fun on a fly rod.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 5/28/2019 4:42:05 PM     Points: 247    
Awesome! Congrats! What a beast! Did you get into any big Brookies? 🎣🎣🎣👍🍻
 Reply by: wickedfisha      Posted: 5/31/2019 9:50:02 AM     Points: 1485    
Hey bharper-

We didnít do any brookie fishing on this trip. We really wanted to focus on the fishing elements that are less available here in Colorado- namely huge trophy pike and incredible walleye. I have done the trophy brookie fishing on Lake Nipigon in the past and it is absolutely world-class! I canít recommend this fishing region enough!
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 6/12/2019 4:39:55 PM     Points: 247    
Iíve seen lots of Linderís Angling Edge programs for that region! Phenomenal fisheries in Western Ontario/Ontario regions! Maybe someday? Thanks for the Pike pics!!! 🎣👍✌️
 Reply by: wickedfisha      Posted: 6/14/2019 7:36:04 PM     Points: 1485    
Glad to hear you like Lindner's Angling Edge. I've been addicted to that show for years. Another good one is "In-Depth Outdoors" with James Holst. He has actually filmed several trophy pike shows out of Pasha Lake Cabins with the owner Chad Thompson. I've learned a lot from both of those programs!