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Lake: Cheesman Reservoir

Paging Chris Stone

Post By: Jacob J      Posted: 4/30/2019 2:50:27 PM     Points: 1801    
Hi Chris,
Sorry for the post but I wasn't able to contact you via skipper link.
Is there a possibility to chat with you?

My email: unlimatqdotcom

Thank you
 Reply by: cstone1958      Posted: Apr. 30, 4:59:02 PM     Points: 1712    
Sure - you should be able to use the skipper link - or email directly to cstoneattbiedotnet.

 Reply by: cstone1958      Posted: May. 18, 2:52:29 PM     Points: 1712    
Cheesman fishing is poor at best from what I have been hearing. The couple of times I have tried year have been met with being skunked.

Will probably try again once the weather warms up again.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: May. 19, 9:02:04 AM     Points: 22936    
Poor ? I had a 2 specie day out there the day of my report.. Water temp was good for cool water fish. Might be affected by these back to back cold fronts.
 Reply by: cstone1958      Posted: May. 19, 9:15:24 AM     Points: 1712    
Another cold front hitting this week, with possible snow along the front range the middle to the end of this coming week. Will have to give it a try again next week.