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Lake: Granby Lake
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Boat ramps

Post By: apwr_80      Posted: 4/30/2019 9:26:07 AM     Points: 2    
Does anyone know what time they will be opening the boat ramps in the a.m.? 6am 7am???
 Reply by: 80403Rainbow      Posted: Apr. 30, 8:19:14 PM     Points: 0    
I think it's still covered in ice. See other thread re: Granby
 Reply by: apwr_80      Posted: Apr. 30, 8:23:02 PM     Points: 2    
I understand they are iced up now but Im talking when ice off hits. I think last year they opened at 7 or 730 but Im not sure
 Reply by: 80403Rainbow      Posted: Apr. 30, 8:35:03 PM     Points: 0    
I seem to recall them being open at 6 am during the summer. I think they may open a bit later early and late in the season.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: May. 1, 2:14:39 PM     Points: 2522    
 Reply by: apwr_80      Posted: May. 7, 7:29:26 PM     Points: 2    
Thanks shmiley. Hows the ice coming off, got a trip planned Monday
 Reply by: Set_the_Damn_Hook      Posted: May. 8, 7:09:44 AM     Points: 0    
All the ice seems to be gone now