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Lake: Palmer Lake
Fish: Black Crappie

Stocker rainbows, crappie?

Post By: DannyGreene      Posted: 4/24/2019 10:22:09 PM     Points: 494    
Fished Palmer Lake today mid-day. Caught a dozen or so stocker rainbows 8-12 inches. Really nice day with only a few people on the lake. I heard some folks talking about crappie in there. I have only ever caught bluegill and rainbows. Has anyone caught any crappie in Palmer Lake?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 4/25/2019 6:16:24 AM     Points: 72017
According to the biologist I spoke with and as far as I know, no crappie in there. You've caught what is being stocked there. Before it was drained, there used to be pike but those are long gone also.
 Reply by: Bubba02STi      Posted: 4/25/2019 1:51:38 PM     Points: 515
Ha I was there yesterday morning. No crappie. Trout, bluegill/sunfish, Golden shiner are all that are supposed to be in there. Cory was telling me last fall that there were talks of putting in some bass in there but I donít think that ever took on. Im honestly surprised a pike hasnít shown up in there yet.
 Reply by: adrenaline_junkie_ff      Posted: 4/25/2019 5:41:43 PM     Points: 9102
More than likely someone who doesn't know their crappy from a bluegill?
 Reply by: DannyGreene      Posted: 4/26/2019 10:07:13 AM     Points: 494
That's about what I figured. I kind of just assumed they misidentified the fish. Crappie would be cool in there. Bass would be even cooler. I don't know if they would balance well with the trout though. Thanks for the replies!

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