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Lake: Four Acre Lake Park (Garrison)
Fish: Common Carp

First time fishing this spot

Post By: michaelpthompson      Posted: 4/16/2019 5:49:21 PM     Points: 3315    
You know you are in an urban or suburban setting, when you're sitting by a lakeshore, fishing lines in the water, listening to the sounds of Canada Geese, ducks, sparrows, red-winged blackbirds, RTD, train horns, sirens, and a fire truck.

First time I've fished Four Acre Lake Park, also known as Garrison Lake. Tried for the carp, didn't see any and got no bites. Four o'clock in the afternoon may not be peak feeding time for fish, but it was the time I was able to go. Lost one method lead in the shoreline rocks, and had to pee, so I packed up and went home. Still a good time.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 4/16/2019 6:05:24 PM     Points: 48654
Nice! Glad you tried out a new water skipper!
 Reply by: michaelpthompson      Posted: 4/16/2019 6:45:22 PM     Points: 3315
It's a pleasant spot. I enjoyed it. Not as much as if I caught fish, but still pleasant.

Strange thing happened at one point. There were two fellas fishing on the other side of the lake from where I was, casting and reeling something. A fellow in a white tee shirt came down from the houses and talked to them. I couldn't hear much, but he did say, "Hey fellas, could I ask you a favor?" I heard something about fishing the other side of the lake. Couldn't hear anything about why. Whatever it was, they weren't convinced and kept fishing there and then down that bank. He walked back toward the house, then somebody must have said something, because he's like, "You wanna go?" He finally left. No idea why he didn't want them to fish there. It's a public lake, owned by the city of Arvada, so they weren't doing anything wrong.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 4/17/2019 9:41:48 AM     Points: 1679
Wondering how did you rig that method sinker?

I know that there are few opinions on it. I am assembling a carp fishing pole and wondering if there is a way to avoid conflicts with rangers.

Any ideas welcomed.
Tight lines.
 Reply by: michaelpthompson      Posted: 4/17/2019 8:49:49 PM     Points: 3315
Haven't had a Ranger look at it yet. Basically, I pack bait onto the lead and embed the hook of a hair rig in it.

The handbook states "CHUMMING is placing fish, parts of fish or other feeding material in the waters for the
purpose of attracting fish to a particular area in order that they might be taken. This
does not include fishing with baited hooks or live traps."

Since my bait is associated with a hook, I contend it is not chum, it's a baited hook, which is completely legal. I do not place any feeding material into the water, except with my baited hook.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 4/18/2019 7:58:48 AM     Points: 1679
What bait did you use?
I am planning to use boilies or corn as a bait.
Wondering how exactly they can be embedded with empty method?
As far as I know that thing supposed to have feeding material stuffed in it and the hook with bait pressed into it. Am I correct?

I spoke to John Finney and he mentioned that we at pure luck since Rangers have different opinion on methods use.

This is why I wondering if you or anyone has an experience with that type of tackle. Unfortunately carp fishing is not very developed in Colorado
 Reply by: michaelpthompson      Posted: 4/18/2019 10:10:30 AM     Points: 3315
John may be right. I haven't encountered any Rangers yet, so I can't say.

I use canned corn, jello powder, and panko bread crumbs. My rig is pretty much the way that's described in this video. [log in for link]

Yes, you press the bait into the ribs on the lead and embed the hook in it. That's why I contend that my bait is associated with a hook, and therefore in compliance with the regulations.

I have found that with any enforcement official, polite and respectful generally wins the day. Perhaps I'll have the opportunity to test that with a Ranger. In general though, I very rarely even get checked for license. If you do wind up having this discussion with one, please report back.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 4/18/2019 1:48:37 PM     Points: 1679
A few years ago I was using PVA mesh and had a conversation with Rangers at Chatfield. They have accepted my argument that as long as it is attached to the line - it is legal.

Now I heard that they are more conservative on PVA mesh.
Now I am ready to pull the trigger on methods, but as John mentioned to me, I will be taking chances. Which means depends on Rangers mood, I can get a citation that is currently in the process of being increased.

Personally I think that chumming needs to be legalized. It is legal everywhere in the world.

 Reply by: michaelpthompson      Posted: 4/18/2019 2:07:02 PM     Points: 3315
I getcha. I'm jealous. My favorite carp fishing YouTuber lives in Virginia. One of his secret weapons is chumming a spot for five days ahead of time. He's catch and release, so it doesn't really even impact the population. I've also seen him set up 6 or 8 rods in one spot, or on his boat, while here, I'm limited to two, and have to buy a special stamp for the second one.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 4/18/2019 2:15:25 PM     Points: 48654
At the Tightline carp tourneys Nate Zelinski allows pack baits as you have described Michael with a hook imbedded on top. He has to be within the law on his tournament rules.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 4/18/2019 2:59:20 PM     Points: 1679
Thanks for sharing this piece of information.
I hope that this can be used beyond the tournaments in everyday activity.
It is important to be prepared for various scenarios
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 4/18/2019 3:02:28 PM     Points: 48654
One thing Nate tells us at the rules meeting is not to keep casting pack baits and reeling them in repeatedly--that's chumming.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 4/18/2019 3:10:58 PM     Points: 1679
Good point. Thanks.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 4/18/2019 7:25:01 PM     Points: 1679
Glad that I didn't waste money last year when got that stuff
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 4/18/2019 9:06:26 PM     Points: 48654
I have those hair rigs.
 Reply by: michaelpthompson      Posted: 4/19/2019 8:43:40 AM     Points: 3315
I leave mine in the water about 15-20 minutes, then reel in, rebait and cast to a slightly different spot. If no fish has even bothered it in that time, I figure it's time to move on. There's not much bait on it when I reel in, but I'm sure some of it is falling off on thee retrieve. And since I'm not casting to the exact same spot, I don't consider it chumming.
 Reply by: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 4/19/2019 3:54:24 PM     Points: 640
Hope y'all have a great carping season this year I am sensing, 2019 is going to be EPIC ! Buckets of #victorycoffee shall be consumed by many !

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