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Challenges with manual clamp-on downrigger

Post By: Salmon Slayer      Posted: 4/12/2019 5:37:42 PM     Points: 1282    
Sometimes the wife and I rent a pontoon at Granby and I want to know how difficult it is to operate a manual clamp-on downrigger. I've tried Dipsy Divers with limited success. I'm 67 and in decent condition. I've been looking at a used Big Jon unit, maybe in conjunction with a Dipsy or two. Any thoughts?
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Apr. 12, 8:11:01 PM     Points: 44988    
Never used the clamp on type but do have 2 big Jon's and have had cannons in the past. All manual retrieve type and both worked well.
 Reply by: Assassin      Posted: Apr. 12, 8:55:37 PM     Points: 429    
I have the canon mini troll and it is very easy to operate. Has a depth counter on it too. Never fished really deep with it though. I know you would probably be trolling some deep water at Granby so check how much wire it can hold, I don't know off hand.

 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Apr. 12, 9:52:24 PM     Points: 5813    
If you are going to use it on various rental boats, I suggest you take a couple of pieces of wood so you can clamp it in a ERGONOMIC, EASY TO USE location. I tried one on my deep V boat, and without a convenient location, cranking it up was very awkward. I gave up quickly before getting crippled.

A pontoon boat MUST have a better spot than leaning over the splashwell!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Apr. 13, 5:30:54 AM     Points: 4088    
Do Your Homework!
Have you used the pontoon before? As malty falcon said,come preparired to do some work to give your rig a good mount.An assortment of small plywood pieces,backed up with a few 2X6 or 2X8 pieces will really help.If you have any "C" clamps,bring a few that will be big enough to clamp a few 2Xs to the pontoon.
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: Apr. 13, 7:12:49 AM     Points: 1660    
Snap weights would be the way to go until you can get your own boat to modify. Even with a clamp on system, chances are you might damage someones boat. Also hauling all the pieces and parts around - rigger, base, clamps, boards, weights, etc. would be a pain.

Of course all of this can be eliminated if you just rent one with a rigger on it haha.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Apr. 13, 9:34:39 AM     Points: 4088    
You might bring a cordless and assorted scews as" some assembly reqirred" comes along with this job.
Remember the old saying ? Necessity the mother of invention.
 Reply by: Salmon Slayer      Posted: Apr. 13, 11:27:57 AM     Points: 1282    
Think I'll stick with the Dipsy's and snap weights. I think the main thing to do is slow the pontoon down using a couple buckets with holes drilled in the bottom. Plus I picked up a Garmin 62s GPS and should be able to monitor boat speed better as well. Thanks for the heads up, and the bucket with holes trick I read in another post.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Apr. 13, 12:24:35 PM     Points: 4088    
The bucket with holes will slow you down,if you want to go a step higher look at "Amish Outfitters" sea anchors . . .they come in all kinds of sizes and pack up small.MAKE SURE YOU DRY THEM BEFORE YOU STORE THEM!
Amish also make a nice snap weight . . . .I'm using the green and black snap weights from Cabelas. I also have full time down riggers,so I'm running leadcore or snapweights and downriggers.
BTW: Go to U-Tube and watch how the guides use a sea anchor . . . .there's a bit of an art to keeping your buckets or sea anchor out of the prop.

 Reply by: Salmon Slayer      Posted: Apr. 13, 2:31:33 PM     Points: 1282    
Thanks HP and y'all.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Apr. 14, 8:55:58 AM     Points: 2522    
I guided on a pontoon for years.. Try trolling backwards. Most rental places wont be cool with the clamp on downrigger eigther.
 Reply by: Salmon Slayer      Posted: Apr. 14, 7:45:00 PM     Points: 1282    
Thanks for the advice shmiley1.

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