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Lake: John Martin Reservoir
Fish: Black Crappie

Crappie Bite?

Post By: Lund aka Dingo Man      Posted: 4/1/2019 10:41:03 AM     Points: 10    
I'm mostly a trout guy, but I lived in Nebraska for a number of years, and there was no limit on Black Crappie. I filleted (and ate) quite a few of them. Would like to find a spot here in Colorado which offers these fish, and heard JM is a likely location. I have a small boat and motor, and can get around reasonably well. Can anyone offer me any hints as to success - time to fish, places to fish, and methods @ JM? Thanks --
Dingo Man
 Reply by: Rowan      Posted: 4/1/2019 10:54:47 AM     Points: 6    
I've only ever caught white crappie, and with the mass amounts of white bass, they can be hard to find. Often I've found them in the mix, though. I generally have caught them on a small lipless crankbait, or curly-tail grubs. Even the little white bass are good eating though. I seem to catch the crappie on the edges of the areas I'm catching white bass.
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: 4/1/2019 11:31:57 AM     Points: 165    
No limit on black crappie in Nebraska? As in daily bag / possession limit? Crappie (black or white) fall under panfish. Panfish have had a possession limit going back at least as far as the late 1990s, when I first fished in Nebraska. There is definitely a limit for crappie in Nebraska now.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 4/1/2019 11:45:11 AM     Points: 10514    
Lots of lakes in Colorado hold crappie. John, Martin, Blue, Pueblo, Brush Hallow etc. you can get a full list under fish species in the top menu. Make sure you read the rules/laws for each lake as it changes from lake to lake.

All the usual baits work for crappie. Small jigs, twisters and minnows where legal. As for when to fish, all year long can be good. Just need to find them.
 Reply by: RPG      Posted: 4/1/2019 3:22:50 PM     Points: 6872    
NE Fishing Reg 2018:

Crappies are considered Panfish in NE. Daily Bag limit 15, possession 30.

[log in for link]
 Reply by: COBowKill      Posted: 4/1/2019 5:27:01 PM     Points: 0    
John Martin can be unforgiving if the wind and very dangerous in a small vessel, check the wind forecast often and be safe.
 Reply by: spawnbags      Posted: 4/3/2019 6:11:29 PM     Points: 1    
I've never fished John Martin Reservoir but I heard the trestle is very good in May it's not good yet you have to wait till May and then sometime in May the crappie will turn on
 Reply by: Salmon Slayer      Posted: 4/3/2019 8:02:14 PM     Points: 1555    
What CoBowKill said. The wife and I were fishing off the JM dam a few years ago on a perfect blue bird afternoon. Within one minute it turned into a gale. Shocking how fast it happens at JM.
 Reply by: Lund aka Dingo Man      Posted: 4/5/2019 1:16:51 PM     Points: 10    
I made the original post. Thanks for all the information! I am an old guy. I fished Nebraska crappie in the mid-1970s. At that time there was no limit, and there were plenty of fish, but fewer fishermen. Times change, and probably a good idea limits were enacted.
 Reply by: Killerfihser      Posted: 4/5/2019 2:59:05 PM     Points: 639    
Dingo, you can catch crappie along the dam or find any brush that's sticking out of the water. Last year the crappie bite was fairly decent anywhere you fished. Fish were a little on the smaller side but there's a few in there at the 10" mark. Use any crappie jigs or a curly tail grub and you'll do fine. Best time is in mid May to early June. Good luck and tight lines.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 4/5/2019 3:08:31 PM     Points: 2305    
FYI...if you fish Pueblo Reservoir, there is a 10 minimum size restriction and a 10 fish bag and possession limit on crappie. Good Fishing Dingo Man! Ski
 Reply by: Welding king      Posted: 4/29/2019 4:56:17 PM     Points: 0    
Blue is the Spot for Crappie

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