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Lake: Willow Creek Reservoir

Bounty on Willow Creek Ice conditions

Post By: Tbubb      Posted: 3/26/2019 8:36:56 PM     Points: 21135    
This is the time of year when people are often uncertain what the ice conditions on any given lake may be.
Willow Creek is one of the lakes I skipper for, but I'm not going to make it up there until after the holidays ato check it out.

So we rely on all of you to update lake conditions and let hte community know when it is capped and when it is fishable.

As the skipper, we have the discretion to award points for lake condition updates as we see fit, according to their value to the fishing community here.
And transitional time updates are the most valuable. The points are good for entries into the 2018 winter give-away.

The best entries, IMO, are entries that describe ice conditions, variability (open areas? thick/thin areas) and surface conditions (wind-blown and slick, covered in 2' of snow?, good traction?) and as a bonus, if you can post-up with a few pictures, that would be ideal. A few people have tried to scam for points by faking updates, so we're leery of that.

Anyway, if you are headed up that way, to fish or in passing returning from another area lake (Williams Fork, Granby, Shadow Mountain, etc..) please stop by and let us know. I'll be sure that you get some entries into the give-away, and the community at large will appreciate it!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 3/27/2019 5:48:13 AM     Points: 7473    
9 news . . . .5 AM today . . .bunch of the mountain lakes are getting bad ice conditions.Ice then crusty snow then ice again. Folks are breaking through up to the knees or more. Rescue workers were getting stuck also.
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 3/27/2019 8:29:22 AM     Points: 21135    
Yeah- that's why I am looking for conditions updates.
Willow Creek is one of the earlier lakes to freeze up there and then one of the later ones to melt (gets thicker ice) so it's good to know this time of year as choices dwindle.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 3/27/2019 11:01:47 AM     Points: 7473    
Dad always used to say . . ."Do your homework!"
Sorry I could not help you more,someone will.
 Reply by: Salmon Slayer      Posted: 3/27/2019 5:24:23 PM     Points: 1558    
"The points are good for entries into the 2018 winter give-away." Shucks I just missed it. (**)
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 3/27/2019 6:59:31 PM     Points: 21135    
Sorry, I admit to an annual affiar here and I overlooked the correction in my cut and paste! It will be for the 2019/2020 give-away.
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 3/31/2019 5:40:24 PM     Points: 21135    
Was just up there - will write up reports on WIllow Creek and Williams Fork tonight.
Let's just say that barring some crazy thing happening, there's at least 2 more weeks of ice fishing left!
 Reply by: adrenaline_junkie_ff      Posted: 3/31/2019 7:19:35 PM     Points: 7783    
Crap, I forgot to put up a report last weekend. I was up there and had to use the extension on my Ion. Didn't get a water temp but I could see where someone had a slush fest prior. All the slush seemed pretty froze up again.
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 3/31/2019 10:52:56 PM     Points: 21135    
Sure -still please do subit - it becomes part of the historical record and also shows progression of conditions over time, so I'm still glad to have info.

Conditions now are downright perfect to walk on, but you won't drill too many holes on a charge with an electric, I will say that. 30" ice total counting that top foot of re-frozen slush (but no water or anything getting in the boots.
 Reply by: adrenaline_junkie_ff      Posted: 4/1/2019 12:34:13 PM     Points: 7783    
Done. Sorry for the vagueness of thickness and no temp but will get it Saturday