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Lake: Boyd Lake

Found flashlight at boyd + post things you lost

Post By: iceice      Posted: 3/15/2019 7:22:24 AM     Points: 0    
On a unleisurely walk around boyd last week I found a flashlight that might be sentimental to someone. It was in bad shape, took long to restore it to working condition. Describe it as best as you can, also whats engraved on it, need to be 100% sure because I'm attached to it now.

I had a good ice season, as far as not loosing much, to help bump and kill time, what are some items you've lost/found fishing or your best/worst find or lose? Add the location and other info - maybe something will be reunited- don't if you want to keep it.

 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Mar. 15, 9:45:17 AM     Points: 3830    
A rod and reel at C.C. My fishing buddy's mom lost a yr before and by some chance I snagged it. We knew it was the rod she lost,because of the lure and reel on the rod.It took an hr or two to clean the slime off it,but its as good as new.

 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: Mar. 15, 10:26:03 AM     Points: 3435    
Fishing at Cherry Creek, I lost all confidence...
 Reply by: Killerfihser      Posted: Mar. 15, 10:39:12 AM     Points: 1348    
Shimano Stella 2500 FE spinning reel and St Croix legend elite spinning rod combo went over board in a Kansas reservoir when my buddy floored his boat. The look on his face, priceless.
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: Mar. 15, 11:02:47 AM     Points: 162    
^ I thought it was a G Loomis NRX, instead of a St Croix Legend Elite? And maybe the blame was more on the combo not being secured, rather than the boat being "floored." :) Either way, it was not a good day for him... You should buy him this for Christmas: [log in for link]
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Mar. 15, 11:47:42 AM     Points: 1981    
An electric trolling motor in Pueblo Reservoir some years back! Operator error!
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: Mar. 15, 1:15:20 PM     Points: 3660    
I dropped my cell phone in the middle of South Delaney a few years ago after taking a pic of a NICE fish.
 Reply by: Kenny Rukspin      Posted: Mar. 15, 2:39:28 PM     Points: 4885    
While trolling the Lake Shore Drive-In movie theater that used to be across the street from Sloan's Lake, I lost my virginity.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Mar. 15, 3:00:34 PM     Points: 1981    
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Mar. 15, 6:21:06 PM     Points: 3830    
Kenny R . . .ever cruse the Scotsman at I-70 and Fed?