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Lake: Boyd Lake

Boyd Lake ice condition

Post By: Eyefishing      Posted: 3/10/2019 6:39:47 AM     Points: 6    
The ice is going fast on Boyd, we interred the ice at the south west bank by the pump house and we exited the ice on the south east side as we ran for our lives. The wind was blowing so bad the ice opened up in less then 5 minutes and left us stranded. We were going south trying to find a spot to get off the ice , but the ice was opening faster then we could run. So we headed east moving as fast as we could. We had about 20 yards of broken up ice we had to cross to get to land. We made it we just wet feet and tiered as all get out. When we were in the middle running for the east side there was a man (Troy, thank you very much) that had seen us out there and called the rescue and alerted them. We made it and Troy gave us a ride back around the lake . Thank you again Troy.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Mar. 10, 6:41:46 AM     Points: 3830    
L U C K Y ! ! ! ! !
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: Mar. 10, 7:17:51 AM     Points: 1813    
Wow... you were so lucky that day.
 Reply by: DLH      Posted: Mar. 10, 9:43:02 AM     Points: 190    
Wow, glad you got out safe!
 Reply by: Eyefishing      Posted: Mar. 10, 9:16:54 PM     Points: 6    
yep we sue felt lucky after all was done.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: Mar. 11, 6:20:40 AM     Points: 1813    
This thread deserves a better title.
 Reply by: Karosly      Posted: Mar. 11, 9:14:52 AM     Points: 0    
I was at boyd sunday, all around the marina the ice is 5-6 inches. The bite was terrible though. We caught only 1 trout, 2 largemouth, and 1 smallmouth. Hopefully the bite will pick up in the spring when they stock.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Mar. 11, 9:45:26 AM     Points: 26357    
Glad you guys made it off the lake safely!

Karosly - other than trout, which Boyd has tons of.. none/few of the other species are really stocked at a catchable size. Bass, walleye, etc are dumped in when they are just a few inches at best. I wouldn’t be waiting around for the stocking truck hoping for the bass bite to turn on..
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Mar. 11, 2:53:02 PM     Points: 7115    
Glad your ok, scary stuff.
 Reply by: Assassin      Posted: Mar. 11, 8:02:26 PM     Points: 349    
Oh man that sounds terrifying. I've put away the ice gear for the season with the wacky weather we have been having. 60 degrees tomorrow and a blizzard the next, I'll be back out when its open water. Glad you are safe that's wild.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Mar. 11, 8:10:10 PM     Points: 44367    
I still have have my stuff out but haven't been out in over a month. I always say I need to fish into March and April on the ice but it sounds like maybe it's best I stay home.
 Reply by: iceice      Posted: Mar. 15, 8:46:29 AM     Points: 0    
That would of been a fun day of ice trolling for us if the wind was from the east, that's how it went last year..
You were there that morning, I think. There isn't much to block the wind on the SE side- not nearly as windy that day but it had the power to shove huge piles of 6+'' ice about 8-10 feet up the steep rip rap in hours, scary but safe enough, (a few roughly 3'x5' slabs of ice buckled out at a angle, wouldn't want to have a hut set up on that.)
This year the ice had to detach from the west before it could start drifting and the wind was blocked pretty well by trees/pumphouse. When the extreme wind started the sun probably already melted the mud shoreline but the ice was still glued around the pumphouse so when it finally detached the whole body of ice was able to shoot out like that, instead of glacial like movement, like last year. All in all I have a new respect for cleats, never going without them again, it would of been a hundred times easier with traction.
What made it real bad was the main fault line, so to speak caught most of the shove and made it impassable, also it still looked like the east shore was open, maybe because of that buffer. Only a small area by the point was good enough to walk out on, dry. The extreme south side protected from the shove more but was paper thin and rotted looking. .
If the picture works I drew out what I could remember, the black dot and line show where we started and walked out, the white is good ice, open or fractured areas are redish, grey is questionable areas. The water level was lower in the pic so its not exact, wind was more westerly too.
 Reply by: nickoli      Posted: Mar. 15, 11:15:42 AM     Points: 8    
I learned my lesson last week at bear creek! Went out on the ice in the morning with a foot of open water around the shore and 7 inches of solid ice out in the middle but when I got back to shore to leave the lake that 1 foot of open water turned into 3 ft open water and the ice all around the edge was really thin. Fortunately met a friend on the ice who decided to stay around to help me and he fell in to his knees and when I tried to make to shore fell in up to my neck. Fortunately had a change of close in the car but it was not worth it! I'm not going out on ice with water on the edge anymore... be careful everyone conditions change as the day goes on and the Metro lakes are not always the best ice.

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