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Lake: Granby Lake
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Decent day at Granby

Post By: Trainjer      Posted: 2/26/2019 10:55:19 AM     Points: 135    
First time this year making it out to Granby on Sunday. Only got one, but I'm finally over the 3' mark😀
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Feb. 26, 11:03:39 AM     Points: 628    
Awesome fish man - congrats!
 Reply by: Salmon Slayer      Posted: Feb. 26, 1:15:29 PM     Points: 1282    
Beauty! Great shape and colors.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Feb. 26, 4:24:59 PM     Points: 5554    
Good looking fish!
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Feb. 26, 5:27:20 PM     Points: 47676    
Looks like a great day but a long walk.
 Reply by: chucker      Posted: Feb. 26, 7:06:12 PM     Points: 39    
Congratulations heading there tomorrow. Hoping to hook into something big. How was the slush?
 Reply by: Eyefishing      Posted: Feb. 27, 8:21:42 AM     Points: 6    
Very nice, fish like that makes for a good day.
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Feb. 27, 8:30:31 AM     Points: 5040    
 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: Feb. 27, 9:56:46 AM     Points: 1534    
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Feb. 27, 10:22:15 AM     Points: 883    
Nice fish! I'd sure like to hear some details, how long it took to bite after it showed up, what kind of lure, how you got it's nose up into the the hole. A fish like might have a good a fish story? Only if you want to share though, just curious.
 Reply by: Trainjer      Posted: Feb. 28, 6:22:13 PM     Points: 135    
Thanks guys. Slush wasn't too bad where I was. It definitely was worse at the end of the day near shoreline. As far as details, I'm not going to give away too much, but tube jig near bottom is usually pretty productive. I will say I was not as deep as I usually fish.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Feb. 28, 10:01:27 PM     Points: 2522    
Lol, dont think he wants ur spot but more currious if the fish was one of those that just hang out and look that finally bit or if it was one of those that shows up and bites rather quickly. Id bet the latter based on the looks of the fish and my experience.

Sooo many folks complaining this year about seeing fish non stop but getting very few bites causes them to seek justification to tough it out or move and try to find a better bite. Best way to do that other than being here all the time trying both ( which most cant do) is to compare the experiences of others to their own.
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Mar. 1, 7:54:23 AM     Points: 883    
Tainjer, I have heard stories of big fish hanging out for a really long time before they bit, I was wondering if that happened to you. I read where one guy reached below the ice to grab a big one and get it out. That would be a little difficult with 30" of snow, frozen slush, and ice. I have had a few big ones on the line but lost them, getting them to turn up into the hole can be a challenge, especially 3 footers, so I was wondering how that went for you. I'm not really looking for secrets. Somewhere I read an estimate that are about 1000 big Lakers in Granby, I'm pretty sure they can be found almost anyplace at anytime but guys like Jeremy and Bernie have the experience as to where to look for them compared to most of us. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time again sometime soon. Maybe your monster experience can help me get one on the ice.
 Reply by: Trainjer      Posted: Mar. 3, 2:03:23 PM     Points: 135    
This particular fish came in to look at the bait on the initial drop and bumped it a few times before giving it a good thump. It was pretty quick. As far as getting the head into the hole, it was just patience and probably a little bit of luck. Once the head peeked out there was an extra set of hands to help, thank goodness. Took a few pics and a quick measurement and back swimming for another lucky fisherman!
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Mar. 3, 3:45:46 PM     Points: 883    
Thanks, sounds like fun....again..Very Nice Fish!

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