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Fish: Northern Pike

Check out these hand painted Pike lures!

Post By: anglerwannabe      Posted: 2/24/2019 7:08:52 PM     Points: 58787    
as said many times, I really like the Mann's 1-minus and they have a crazy craw pattern that has done well for pike. Not only for me but if you watch Fishful Thinker episode on pike at Williams Fork you'll see he almost loses a rod with that lure tied on.

Well I couldn't find a similar pattern in a jerk bait so BassAckwards did some painting for me and even threw in a Mann 1-minus blank and they came out AMAZING!!!! In the tackle box (3rd row) you'll see the craw pattern I'm talking about.. and of course the other pic has the ones painted by BassAckwards!!

Absolutely cannot wait for some open water to give these a go!
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: 2/24/2019 9:26:42 PM     Points: 17676    
The fulfillment of doing it yourself is second to none when you set the hook. I've painted and made plenty of my own without much luck. But the few that do work, I still get a special feeling and smile when tying one on.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 2/24/2019 11:46:03 PM     Points: 253    
Very nice selection! I bet the chartreuse ones with get em especially if the lake(Res.) has perch in it! 🎣👍
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 2/25/2019 8:28:26 AM     Points: 697    
Very nice! I would like to throw them at some shallow water lakers at ice off time as well....
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 2/25/2019 10:01:04 AM     Points: 8322    
WOW i'm digging those jerkbaits!!!! i'm gonna have to look into that.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 2/25/2019 1:49:43 PM     Points: 14220    
Looking good Jim, looks like BassAkwards has that painting down to a true art.
 Reply by: Coyute      Posted: 2/25/2019 2:10:27 PM     Points: 124    
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 2/25/2019 6:06:53 PM     Points: 58787    
thanks guys! BassAckwards did a great job! And like I said, I'm excited to try them. Panfishin.. those blanks are ITO Vision 110 blanks and I did very well with the 110 series this past year.

If you guys have an interest for Mitch to paint some lures for you his email addy is

Mitchell dot salzman at yahoo dot com

YD - you think they'll work on shallow lakers? I didn't realize they would target loud colors. I was thinking browns for sure!

PikeN - I'm lucky, I know a couple people that paint. I DO NOT possess that sort of talent
 Reply by: Bassackwards      Posted: 2/25/2019 6:41:50 PM     Points: 840    
Just a few from this pastvweekend
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 2/26/2019 8:48:57 AM     Points: 697    
AW - in the lake I fish I think they would work great on shallow lakers and browns.