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Dynamic Lures mentioned in In-Fisherman

Post By: anglerwannabe      Posted: 2/5/2019 10:29:30 AM     Points: 49636    
got most recent In-Fishermen magazine last night and what do I find? An Article about Cold weather Small Mouth Bass and lures to use. And one the lures highlighted is the good ole Dynamic J-Spec

Congratulations Brian Alan!

Also, Thank you very much Smelly for the subscription!
 Reply by: ifishallday      Posted: Feb. 5, 10:31:36 AM     Points: 258    
This is cool! I will have to check it out. Good press for a local company!
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: Feb. 5, 10:36:30 AM     Points: 531    
I've had great success with the Trout Attack in pink or orange in colder water. Some of the largest smallmouth come during this period. J spec has been great for larger walleye as well.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Feb. 5, 10:51:12 AM     Points: 7802    
good publicity for sure! I think I see them in an article in there at least once a year for the past couple years.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: Feb. 5, 1:26:32 PM     Points: 21996    
You're welcome AWB. And while my experience with Dynamic wasn't good. Still nice to see a small ( and in this case local ) company competing with the big boys and doing well.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Feb. 5, 2:43:21 PM     Points: 197    
Great to hear! I just watched a Linders Angling program about Jerkbaits for Smallmouth and instantly thought of throwing the Fire Craw as well as the Bubble Gum patterns at them this Spring!
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: Feb. 5, 3:17:02 PM     Points: 2091    
Does anyone know what's up with their website, Dynamic that is? I haven't been able to get it to load all day... seems like maybe the server is down? Or is my device just dumb? Lol
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: Feb. 5, 6:13:20 PM     Points: 531    
Dynamic site just worked for me.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: Feb. 5, 8:06:28 PM     Points: 2091    
It’s working for me now too. Not sure what happened.
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: Feb. 5, 8:20:43 PM     Points: 17421    
It's funny you bring them up...A few years back, the guys that were sponsored by Dynamic were all over this site. We used to see a booth full of guys at the Larimer Co Fishing Expo along with the ISE. What happened? Those "Local Boys" were so proud and some of them were just getting started. I kind of enjoyed rooting for the young guns that were local as well as some of the more experienced that were local.

Anyone have any in site?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Feb. 6, 4:42:31 AM     Points: 49636    
they're still here and some even responded to this thread.
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: Feb. 7, 4:03:47 PM     Points: 4241    
pikencolorado…. they stopped making bass and pike lures.... so the staff had to move to other companies.. we're... at least me... are still looking at this site almost daily.
 Reply by: masteroftheloch      Posted: Feb. 7, 4:26:13 PM     Points: 149    
I can speak for myself. Dynamic was leading the swimbait craze in Colorado and they were holding a small niche in the Swimbait market. I am a big pike fanatic and fell in love with the idea of a local company making swimbaits for pike. I promoted the heck out of Dynamic and earned a very short-lived place on the prostaff. It was a S&*t-show from the start. Without talking to much crap about someone.... the prostaff position was hugely overpromised and under delivered. Dynamic advised everyone that sales were hugely affecting the future direction of the business. We were pushed to go out to local market and get more sales... and we did.
Then one day, without warning or heads up ... we were told that Dynamic was ridding themselves of swimbaits production and sales all together and focusing on trout. There were trying to capitalize on the local market I guess... well this left a bad taste in my mouth. I was told that all all the gear I ordered on pro deal... mostly swimbaits and merchandise could not be honored with the pro deal discount due to diminishing limited inventory.
I expressed my concern with the direction of the company and was talked to like I was completely out of place. I hadn't invested to much of my time working shows or expos at this point... So, for me it was dishonesty and falling short of promises that made me feel I could no longer be an ambassador for this company and its brand.
 Reply by: FishSeal      Posted: Feb. 7, 5:09:44 PM     Points: 9760    
I still use their small cranks to catch pike. It's all about where you go, matching the forage, and using it with that intended purpose.

The J-spec sizes I use for walleye.

But, again, it's where you fish and how you fish.

I'll take that small crank, turn around and go catch browns if I want.

I have been satisfied with their customer service.

 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: Feb. 7, 6:16:12 PM     Points: 17421    
Good to hear some of the folks are still around. I think Dynamic has some great products and I always pull for the local companies. I just noticed they kind of disappeared from the front of the lines. It popped up when Brian the owner had a little tiny corner in another companies booth at ISE and was there all alone. Something just felt fishy.

Lastkast2010 and Masterofthrloch, thanks for the insight.

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