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Fish: Northern Pike

Pike organization?

Post By: pike king      Posted: 1/22/2019 10:35:34 AM     Points: 143    
I was just curious if anyone would be interested in building a pike organization? Just something where fellow pike anglers that enjoy catching and releasing these fish get together and have small friendly competitions randomly throughout the year. I dont know if such thing already exist already if so please point me in the direction
 Reply by: Freestone303      Posted: 1/22/2019 1:15:10 PM     Points: 448    
There is a Facebook group dedicated to Pike fishing that you may be able to find some interested people.
 Reply by: pike king      Posted: 1/22/2019 3:35:19 PM     Points: 143    
 Reply by: Inlandsharpie777      Posted: 1/22/2019 6:20:11 PM     Points: 255    
100% would be into it. Colorado pike and trophy fish coalition on facebook would be a great place to recruit, I know there's several fly guys in my area that would be interested
 Reply by: pike king      Posted: 1/23/2019 3:37:32 PM     Points: 143    
This is going to be my first year trying for pike on the fly and I'm really excited to see how it goes it would just be cool to get with people that are good at it and see some big fish caught
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: 1/24/2019 8:05:14 AM     Points: 4241    
Let me know if there is still interest in this. I would love to be a part of it!
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 1/27/2019 12:35:24 PM     Points: 204    
I would be willing to join. POWERTOTHEPIKE!!!
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: 1/28/2019 5:48:36 AM     Points: 17676    
Someone tried to get an official Pike and Muskie organization started about 10 years ago. I believe it was either Will Dykstra or Kris Johnson. After they saw how much paperwork was involved to have a Non profit, it fizzled. I'd be interested in joining and helping out. My schedule is insane June-August and would not be available for much during that time.
 Reply by: pike king      Posted: 1/29/2019 8:27:48 AM     Points: 143    
Sometime in the end of March or beginning of April I would like to try to get the float tube out to Martin lake in lathrop if anyone is interested