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Lake: Gross Reservoir

Gross fishable?

Post By: Fisherguyd      Posted: 1/18/2019 3:26:02 PM     Points: 96    
Anyone know if Gross has enough ice yet?
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 1/18/2019 3:52:19 PM     Points: 247    
I can tell you it was 100% ice able (in areas) when I went 2 weeks ago. Id be willing to bet theres close to 7-10 inches back near the inlet.

Staying back near the inlet may be the only option tho..either way take all safety gear and a spud bar. Access at the boat ramp may not be safe but hiking shoreline back could get you to "safe" ice if it isnt
 Reply by: bouldertrout      Posted: 1/18/2019 5:15:03 PM     Points: 18    
I would avoid Gross by all means! It is not a safe lake for ice fishing and north worth endangering your life!
 Reply by: Fisherguyd      Posted: 1/18/2019 5:24:35 PM     Points: 96    
Thanks guys, might have to wait till February for some better ice
 Reply by: randog      Posted: 1/18/2019 9:33:20 PM     Points: 1649    
four people broke throughin at the boatt ramp area. 1-11-19.
 Reply by: bouldertrout      Posted: 1/19/2019 9:16:03 AM     Points: 18    
This lake is "NEVER" safe for ice fishing.
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 1/19/2019 9:18:42 AM     Points: 742    
I agree I would never ice fish this lake I personally know of at least several people who have fell thru the ice over years lots of underwater springs there Denver water should ban ice fishing there for safety reasons
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: 1/19/2019 10:00:22 AM     Points: 529    
Fishing generally sucks there anyways. Just not worth it.
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 1/19/2019 11:07:02 AM     Points: 247    
people who say it isnt ever safe and that the fishing sucks..ive caught multiple 30+ inch lake trout there and have seen well over 20 inch rainbows and I have never had issues with unsafe ice/falling thru and ive iced it dozens of times..ive also caught over a dozen bows all 12-18 in an evening on flies there so dont hate on the lake! (defensive bc its where i learned to trout fish :P)

maybe this is because i take more precautions that your average ice blows my mind i dont see more people using spud bars

some people try to get to areas that they shouldnt (heading towards the main lake from boat ramp, someone falls thru every year trying to be the first to ice it)

if youre smart and safe you can do fine..and the fishing doesnt suck lol

just most people are too lazy/stupid to take necessary precautions in my opinon, and a big thing with icing gross is to ice it after a cold snap..for instance that snap that came thru a few weeks ago would have been a good just have to do more planning and take more safety gear...thats all

signed: someone whose spent 100s of hours at gross icing and never fallen thru
 Reply by: Swigs      Posted: 1/19/2019 3:52:02 PM     Points: 149    
Such rants to close it to ice fishing is exactly how access is lost. Using caution and a safe mentality is the better avenue. Fishing is better when you have more options regardless of how the bite is. Nice read 3way.
 Reply by: edmoore12345      Posted: 1/20/2019 9:03:28 PM     Points: 16    
Thank you naysayers! Your negative input is really a good thing.
If people donít pressure this water it will be a great fishery that is close to home. Iíve never fallen in, but it does take common sense too. It is a hard piece of water to fish but when you figure it out, it is a very productive lake. So once again thank you for your pessimistic opinion. But caution should always be taken out on any water.
If anyone does not want to fish Gross, thatís ok. There is always George Town lake or Evergreen lake. There are a lot of little stockers there for you.
Tight lines!!)
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 1/20/2019 10:17:58 PM     Points: 1816    
I have fished there and caught good fish. I have also fallen through when there was thick ice all around me.... I'm never fishing there again. Be advised.
 Reply by: Bryan87      Posted: 1/24/2019 8:25:19 AM     Points: 583    
Is the west side of the dam accessible? I heard it may be closed for construction.
 Reply by: cardo      Posted: 2/19/2019 3:22:00 PM     Points: 788    
I used to ice fish Gross back in the early to mid 80s and the ice was usually 18-24". It was still scary then as it would crack and settle and the water would come up out of the hole. Must be global warming preventing it from getting good ice.
 Reply by: droolr      Posted: 3/3/2019 9:29:06 AM     Points: 1692    
i have ice fished gross for years . there are areas to avoid and the four people who fell through are idiots . if you cant read ice or follow basic safety procedures stay off frozen lakes . i know where the springs are and i avoid those areas. the ice slab on the shore lines are death traps if you slide down in the wrong place . Gross was my home lake and i iced fished it almost every day during the hard water season .
 Reply by: 007      Posted: 3/3/2019 3:25:29 PM     Points: 68    
I watched a guy fall through this morning, at -6 degrees he was lucky it happened close to shore. Gross is not a typical reservoir. There was 10 inches of ice in spots, 6 inches in others and multiple open water holes. I dont care how good at reading ice conditions you think you are, there are fractures and weak points all over the lake. The holes with open water can often be seen and avoided when there is no snow on the lake. But when a cold snap hits, skim ice forms on these holes and with snow to cover them, there is no way to see/avoid them.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 3/3/2019 7:02:18 PM     Points: 2329    
^^^It wasnít droolr was it?
 Reply by: droolr      Posted: 3/12/2019 10:16:05 AM     Points: 1692    
use a spud bar if you cant read ice . i ice fished gross for years by myself so i would be dead if i did stupid$!* on that lake . i will wear a PFD and ice spikes at first ice . if the ice looks sketchy iam not getting on the ice . i drill holes as a go to check for changes in ice thickness . i look for changes in the ice and cracks in the ice will tell you how thick the ice is . bubbles in the ice might give away the location of springs or thin spots .
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 3/13/2019 9:40:47 AM     Points: 1816    
droolr - did you move away from this area? Haven't seen you post in a long time...
 Reply by: ark angler      Posted: 3/14/2019 7:09:36 AM     Points: 380    
Gross has had sketchy ice for years. You can be fishing on 8Ē of good clear ice and take two steps and fall through. Being good at reading ice means jack when the lake is snow covered. Good luck if you go.
 Reply by: nickj3188      Posted: 3/23/2019 9:00:06 PM     Points: 0    
you think theres some open water yet, enough to fish
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 3/25/2019 9:02:49 AM     Points: 1816    
@ark-angler above - very true, that's exactly what happened to me... I saw an ATV go by earlier that morning, so I never even gave it a thought..... until I plunged through. Only my auger that I held horizontally saved me that day.
 Reply by: bouldertrout      Posted: 3/25/2019 9:43:02 PM     Points: 18    
Any open water from the boat ramp?
 Reply by: bouldertrout      Posted: 3/28/2019 3:26:58 PM     Points: 18    
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 3/28/2019 7:44:03 PM     Points: 56    
Ice fishing here is Gross.
 Reply by: StinkyEvo      Posted: 4/14/2019 12:47:22 PM     Points: 0    
Is gross reservoir still iced over?
 Reply by: KayakerFishfinder      Posted: 4/15/2019 7:26:21 AM     Points: 14616    
All the ice was gone when I went up Sunday.

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