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Lake: Pueblo Reservoir

Pueblo ice & damage control?

Post By: motoxxx43      Posted: 1/15/2019 3:43:31 PM     Points: 1718    
Just out doing some exploring today near Turkey Creek. Come to find out people have been fishing off the ice. For what it is worth someone had drilled a dozen holes out there within the past week. As of 1/15 the lake is thin ice from the sportsman's ramp all the way to the inlet. Probably not a good idea to go out on it...

Apparently Parks is putting in an effort to keep vehicles from being driven down to the shoreline from the main access road. There is a new 3' deep trench right next to the free access road where the shoulder use to be.

 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Jan. 15, 4:10:20 PM     Points: 7155    
Would be cool to ice fish that area if the ice is good. As for the ditch, wonder if its a trench to run a light or something out to the parking area?

Thanks for the update.
 Reply by: motoxxx43      Posted: Jan. 15, 5:24:44 PM     Points: 1718    
I was thinking a utility line of sorts at first but then I noticed the dirt was smoothed out to the south. Being aware of people traversing off the beaten path in that area the ditch barrier was my second guess. In August I was out that way and some jackwagon had his SUV clear down at the shoreline south of the road. That is just one of the many activities that go on out that way. Its probably a nuisance for the Parks folks to patrol.

In regards to the ice: in the late 90s I can recall hunting ducks from the ice a little east of where the No Wake zone is out there. Those huge cottonwood trees were all over back then. They are a thing of the past now! So is solid ice out there.
 Reply by: dizzel      Posted: Jan. 15, 8:51:01 PM     Points: 22698    
They did that to keep vehicles from entering off the maintained road, people were driving over the boundary by the parking lot/ rocks and by that tree in the picture.
 Reply by: bigmack      Posted: Jan. 15, 10:36:30 PM     Points: 48    
As far as the trench is concerned that is stupidity! Let's do resource damage to prevent resource damage!??? Wonder if there is any liability if some one happens to get hurt due to the trench? Even In Construction there has to be cones/something to warn people of the hazard.
 Reply by:      Posted: Jan. 22, 6:30:28 PM     Points: 250    
Has anyone gone lately, any ice or luck? Just wondering