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Post By: panfishin      Posted: 1/11/2019 9:50:17 AM     Points: 7787    
Decided I would take a half day yesterday and walk on over to ISE so that I could listen to more than one of the talks at the demo tank. i'm going out on a limb that my wife and kids wouldn't be as intrigued as I am with them. I know the shows aren't for everyone but I had a really good time listening to the talks and asking some questions to Dan, Chad, Austin, Nate and Will after their presentations. Tons of great information from all of them.

Chads was really funny too. the trout kept latching onto his baits and not wanting to give them up. I think he lost 2 or 3 soft plastics to the trout in the tank and almost got nailed a couple of times when his splitshot rig finally did get spit out by the trout
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jan. 11, 10:20:46 AM     Points: 45486    
If this snow slows down a bit I plan to attend this afternoon. Thanks for the update.
 Reply by: jibber      Posted: Jan. 12, 8:09:40 AM     Points: 11223    
Worked at the kids fish tank Thursday night. At one time we had about 20 kids all fishing a once! CPW had a table where kids could tie their own trout fly. A couple of kids brought their flys over to the fish tank caught fish on them. A lot of fish! One kid's San Juan worm was dynamite. Sorry about the photo. I flipped it over but it flipped back.
 Reply by: ChatfieldSP      Posted: Jan. 14, 1:50:31 PM     Points: 1203    

Thanks for the help at the tanks. The ISE is a huge undertaking for the agency each year and we couldn't do it without our amazing volunteers! I was handsome guy over at the boat safety booth helping kids color their own tshirts.

Ranger Green
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Jan. 14, 4:43:27 PM     Points: 7787    
Thanks for putting on all of the kids stuff! I went back with the rest of the family on Saturday and my little kids loved seeing the little trout in the pond and craft station. really surprised at how actively the trout bit after being pestered non-stop for 2.5 days before we got there.