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Is it a keeper

Post By: i2fly      Posted: 1/8/2019 10:20:32 PM     Points: 1783    
I had this idea pop in to my head. I see this fire tiger design in all kinda of lures. Itís a simple tie. Do you lure guys do well on this design and color scheme? Let me know.... your thoughts are appreciated. I2
 Reply by: tfotrout      Posted: Jan. 8, 10:22:58 PM     Points: 1002    
Great looking fly!
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: Jan. 9, 5:38:35 AM     Points: 2335    
Owe yeah that thing look awesome
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: Jan. 9, 6:55:46 AM     Points: 531    
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jan. 9, 7:08:37 AM     Points: 4360    
That looks like it can do some damage. Kool fly.
 Reply by: PerchJerker      Posted: Jan. 9, 8:22:55 AM     Points: 1316    
I used a similar looking fly a few years ago on western slope lakes. Perch and pike chewed them up. Wish I had a few of yours! Nice fly.
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: Jan. 9, 8:33:19 AM     Points: 6118    
Looks good dry. Get it soaked for a better evaluation of looks and action. Is it weighted enough?
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Jan. 9, 10:23:29 AM     Points: 3956    
I really hate these guys with talent and tying benches, they make me feel like I should be sitting on a bucket with a Zebco, a can of worms, and a six pack of Bud!
I2, that bug will catch fish, wondering if it may be the new secret weapon for reducing the perch population at Spinney mountain? The survey's last year indicated a big rise in perch at that lake, but I didn't catch one all year?
Really looking forward to some Springtime adventure, bring an extra copy of that to the lake some day.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jan. 9, 12:06:39 PM     Points: 191    
Awesome Perch Pattern! That beauty should catch you some quality fish!🎣👍🍻
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: Jan. 9, 5:41:16 PM     Points: 6118    
Also consider using a longer hook (4x long) or a second trailer hook (easy to add, just need an octopus hook and some braided line) to improve your hookup ratio if you're targeting trout. I think the hook you have in the photo is too small for the size of the fly.

I already mentioned weight, I'll expand on that here: If that's not weighted at all then it'll spin on retrieve (unnatural) or won't sink enough to get in their face. Add an appropriately-sized gold or copper colored tungsten conehead to the front and some nontox wire to the body and you'll basically have a very natural-looking Coffey's Sparkle Minnow. The sparkle minnow is a legit killer so I'd think yours would also do well.
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jan. 9, 6:25:31 PM     Points: 1783    
Hey thanks for the compliments guys. Of course this is the first fly. I was working thru how I warned to tie it. Plus it was late and I had a few adult beverages. Bottom line this fly is only ok.

Bill, brother you know there will be some extras. Iím planning on sharing with you and the crew.

Brook, your critique is fine. However I donít want to change my fly. Yes it is weighed. 10 wraps of 0.25 lead wire. Because I want the fly to fall flat thru the water column. Not nose first. The weight is in the middle of the shank. The hook is a #6 TMC 5263. I didnít want a 4x long hook. I find the fish use the long shank to lever against and crank off. Plus itís tied for the shallower waters we fish. The design is for Stillwater. Actually Spinney. Iím not trying to do a stinger style. More along the lines of a steelhead spider style. I intend to fish this with a sink tip line and swim it.

Newer version pictured.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jan. 9, 7:27:37 PM     Points: 2028    
Donít mind Brookie , he just needed to add his 2-cents!

Great looking fly. Let me know if youíd tie up a couple for an OG, part time ďwater whipper.Ē Itís definitely a keeper!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Jan. 9, 7:46:15 PM     Points: 48709    
I2fly - have to disagree with everyone... it doesn't look so good. And you really shouldn't have something that's not very good. In the interest f helping you out, you should give all the ones you have to me! lol

Those look awesome sir and I'm willing to bet they're going to produce very well for you and your whippy stick friends!
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: Jan. 9, 8:01:20 PM     Points: 387    
i2, I put my name in the hat for wannabe field tester of any of your patterns!
Have you thought about tying ithis one on a lightly weight horizontal jig hook?
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jan. 9, 8:11:17 PM     Points: 1783    
Thatís ok Ski, I had no offense.... the thing is that is his fly style. Not mine. Iíve tied flies along time but Iíve not seen any version of a fire tiger streamer fly. I was mostly sharing an idea. Tie the fly your way.

Iím retired and work at Sportmanís part time. The reason for the post is. Iím hard pressed to think of a plastic,a crank,or jerk bait manufacturer that doesnít have a fire tiger design on at least one of their baits. Itís every where. There has to be a reason that mark up and color combo is so hot.... i2
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jan. 9, 8:37:21 PM     Points: 1783    
Yes ATdub I have considered those style of hooks just havenít worked out the process. I was thinking of adding holographic eyes. Plus thinking of adding a balanced version too. Maybe weíll meet on the water some day. Iíll spot you a few.

No what I gave away was an idea lol. I have no intention to tie or sell flies however I like to share ideas. You guys are up, please share stuff.... show us your brag fly go to... i2

Oh also Iím working to make this fly fire tiger colors. Iíll share it when idone.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: Jan. 9, 8:43:45 PM     Points: 387    
i2, does Bill have your email? I have my WS ponds Iíd be glad to take you to for ďfield testingĒ
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jan. 9, 9:29:13 PM     Points: 1783    
Yes AT, he has my email. If you have his email he can share mine.

 Reply by: edawg      Posted: Jan. 10, 6:34:28 AM     Points: 223    
I thought that I was the only one:) this pattern has been very successful for Largemouth, Smallmouth, Walleye, and Wiper. Fire tiger is a killer color scheme!
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: Jan. 10, 7:39:33 AM     Points: 3788    
If you ever need another ďwhippy stick friendĒ as AWB put it to test out your creations Iím in, that thing looks KILLER!
 Reply by: buffchip      Posted: Jan. 10, 9:06:53 AM     Points: 2085    
Ahh no big deal. I think it should be immediately packaged by the dozen and sold for $5.99 at Walmart. Then we can all line up and clean out their stock!
Seriously though., that's a good looking fish finder!
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Jan. 10, 9:25:29 AM     Points: 7787    
I don't fly fish much...but it looks pretty dang close to a firetiger xrap that I have done very well at Spinney with. those trout up there love their perch-lookin baits!

how long is it? The xrap that I usually fish is right around 3" I believe.
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: Jan. 10, 11:01:26 AM     Points: 6118    
Ah, I see. My suggestions were definitely more river-centric. Lots of weight to get it down and keep it down in fast water, and bigger hooks/stingers to catch the fish that slap at a fast-moving fly swinging cross-current.

Your specs are definitely more appropriate for stillwater. Like I said, should work great! Definitely was not trying to come across as overly critical...just offering ideas.

You've definitely given me some ideas. The Sparkle Minnow is a Big Deal here in Yellowstone country...tying some up in muted/natural colors like this could be a great way to zig while others zag...
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jan. 10, 11:41:43 AM     Points: 1783    
Here is the first attempt at a balanced version of the fire tiger. Tied on with a no slip loop knot. It should be a good Stillwater fly. You can strip either. But this should hang under the indo well especially with a good chop. My friends at Pyramid fly co. Got me started on balanced flies. They truly work. If Iíve given some of you ideas then thatís awesome. Tight lines all.... i2

$5.99 a dozen come on bro. Even in China theyíd starve to death. Lol.
This fly is 2.25Ē long.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: Jan. 10, 6:35:39 PM     Points: 1796    
Fire tiger for me has always been better in a lake where thereís a lot of Perch, but I suppose even if there arenít a ton of perch in a lake it could just look like an ďunnaturalĒ color scheme to just get somethings attention. Nice looking fly!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Jan. 10, 7:21:35 PM     Points: 48709    
there's no way that color pattern works at Spinney!

and yes, the pic is from Spinney
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jan. 10, 10:12:40 PM     Points: 1783    
Thanks for your in put guys l appreciate you. If you see me on the lakes stop and say hi. Especially Ski, AWB, AdubTT. I do share flies if I have extras. I2
 Reply by: WapitiStalker      Posted: Jan. 10, 10:19:50 PM     Points: 0    
Now I'm a spincast fisherman and some of my favorite lures are in the fire tiger pattern and I've caught fish in lakes without perch in them with the lazer perch and fire tiger patterns and wow I know those flies will work great anywhere and I'm very impressed with all three of those flies. would love to try one of them on a fly and bobber setup someday!

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