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Lake: Wellington Lake

Bait dilemma

Post By: Only ice fishing      Posted: 1/4/2019 12:13:31 PM     Points: 0    
Hey guys Iím attending to the ice fishing tournament tomorrow at Wellington lake but Wellington is giving you the chance to bring bait just for this tournament minnows or shiners ara not allowed. i went to 3 different tackle shops this morning and 2 said that I can bring minnows But the must be DEAD. The other shop says no minnows even if they are dead. Now I know that minnows are illegal on lakes or reservoirs over 7000ft but what if they are dead????.. I know for some of you it my be a dum question but I rather ask then get cut and kicked out. Thanks.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 1/4/2019 12:21:38 PM     Points: 54400    
I don't know about the tournament rules but in general you can use dead minnows over 7k.
 Reply by: Abel1      Posted: 1/4/2019 12:23:04 PM     Points: 206    
The last time I fished that lake it was private. I think you better play by their rules. If they say no minnows allowed I think that means no minnows period.
 Reply by: Wattzz      Posted: 1/4/2019 12:56:20 PM     Points: 13502    
It is tightline ice tournament and for one time during it they are letting the use of bait,

I have met a lot of folks that use dead minnows above 7000 ft, but since it is a no bait lake might want to contact tightline through his facebook to be sure
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 1/4/2019 1:32:03 PM     Points: 7473    
Too high up for live minnows.I'd take dead ones,but have a strong back up bait . When you sign in,ask about minnows . . .there might issues about ANS so bring your recept from the bait shop for the minnows and be prepaired to be told you can't use them.
I'd save the hassle and buy a few fresh shrimp.
 Reply by: Wattzz      Posted: 1/4/2019 4:50:35 PM     Points: 13502    
Text from Nate himself when I asked about the use of dead minnows..
.. yes was his answer,
 Reply by: Only ice fishing      Posted: 1/4/2019 5:10:22 PM     Points: 0    
Looks like Iím bringing dead minnows tomorrow.... thanks guys for the info and good luck whoever is going to the tourney..