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Lake: Upper Reservoir - Palmer Lake

Upper Palmer Lake Ice?

Post By: Mr. Fly Fisherman      Posted: 1/2/2019 9:56:28 AM     Points: 158    
I saw there was an update, but Iím unable to read it. I am planning to hike up there tomorrow in hopes to get on some ice. Does anyone know how thick the ice is?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 1/2/2019 10:02:59 AM     Points: 69345
join us on the Plus side and you can read all the updates.

As for thickness, I'm not sure. Had a person that hiked up but did not get on the ice and they informed me it is frozen. So unfortunately thats all the info I have.

If you go up, send me a conditions report (not a fishing report) and let me know and I'll post on your behalf.
 Reply by: SDangler      Posted: 1/3/2019 10:24:34 AM     Points: 1043
I have the FrX+ membership... Still can't see any updates. Any guidance is appreciated.
 Reply by: SDangler      Posted: 1/3/2019 10:26:23 AM     Points: 1043
Also - is the upper reservoir a fly/lure only site, or can an ice fisherman use bait such as crawlers, waxies, and other dead offerings (shrimp, suckers, etc.)?
 Reply by: Wattzz      Posted: 1/3/2019 11:32:13 AM     Points: 13604
I cant answer about the bait but the skipper did say a friend hiked up there said it was frozen but did not get a ice measurement
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 1/3/2019 11:34:29 AM     Points: 69345
Dangler, I'm the skipper, please see my reply right above your post.

As for bait, the answer is no. It is fly and lure only. If you go, please submit a better conditions report than what I currently have.
 Reply by: Strike_King      Posted: 3/1/2019 6:11:07 PM     Points: 3
Where is it posted its flies and lures only?. I have never seen any info about fishing regulations.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 3/1/2019 6:38:05 PM     Points: 69345
Hi All Strike King is correct. You are allowed to use bait there. Although I do wish you couldn't.

There are regulations posted at the gate at Lower. They are easy to miss as you walk past.

It is a no contact lake, so you're not supposed to wade. Which for me is confusing. I can use bait but can't use my waders or float tube.

You are not allowed to fish Lower.

Bottom line, I apologize for posting incorrect info about the bait.
 Reply by: Strike_King      Posted: 3/2/2019 8:02:23 AM     Points: 3
I 100% agree it should be flies and lures only. It would make sense being it is a watershed. I have only ever fly fished this like my self but have seen plenty of people drowning worms.
 Reply by: fish4fun      Posted: 3/2/2019 8:49:52 AM     Points: 575
I have read there are tiger trout in there. That's a bucket list fish. Anybody know if they are in there?
 Reply by: strangebow      Posted: 3/2/2019 5:17:19 PM     Points: 2903
Yes there are tigers. They aren't huge, nor are they naturally occurring. If you happen to catch one please practice gentle catch and release so they can remain in there for others who venture up there
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