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Lake: Green Mountain Reservoir

Anyone Hit GMR Yet?

Post By: cdub2411      Posted: 12/19/2018 8:56:27 AM     Points: 357    
I saw a post over a week ago that the edges had freezed and were being fished, has anyone been up or driven by since, I was going to put a call into the tackle shop as well and will update this post if I find out anything.

Thanks all!
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 12/19/2018 9:06:42 AM     Points: 164    
Yes a lot of people have been fishing it (I have honestly been on it for over a month already as it is my "home" lake). I went up on Monday and was surprised to be 1 of 6 groups fishing. Whole lake is nearly capped, but the "safe" ice is all south of the black wall area. I would still exercise caution, my friend and I drilled on an air vent and the ice went from 10 inches to 5 around the vent. Also areas where there is water inflow have been sketchy so be really careful around those spots.

Typical GMR catches are happening, ok numbers up to 20 inches (avg probably 14-15) and the rarer larger fish. I am waiting for some deeper water to get safe so I can find larger schools. Havent seen big schools consistently in the 30 FOW spots Ive been fishing like I do when I have access to the rest of the lake obviously.

Cant wait for some deep water to be safe.

Tight lines
 Reply by: cdub2411      Posted: 12/19/2018 9:16:12 AM     Points: 357    
Hey man thank you for the update, this is honestly amazing and I really appreciate it! This is one of my favorite lakes to fish I caught my first big laker last year, I'm so excited to get up there! Monday is actually my favorite day to fish mainly to avoid crowds if you are ever up for teaming up let me know as I go alone quite often. I will for sure proceed with caution if I go up, with that no ice is safe ice mentality:)

Thanks again for this wonderful update!

 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 12/19/2018 9:27:52 AM     Points: 164    
No problem, go n get em, n dont forget to kill a few of the dinks!
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: 12/19/2018 4:12:51 PM     Points: 90    
Has anyone tried the ice down by the North boat ramp?
 Reply by: cdub2411      Posted: 12/20/2018 6:25:15 AM     Points: 357    
Thanks again 3way, I put in the request with the wife to get out this weekend!!
 Reply by: da_teacher      Posted: 12/20/2018 9:54:08 AM     Points: 57    
Thinking about taking the BIL from that's visiting from Iowa this Sunday. What areas are safe? Think we might just do the inlet just in case. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 12/20/2018 1:04:15 PM     Points: 164    
really teacher??? no wonder I so rarely share status updates.............

I posted where safe ice is in this thread already....

And if you dont want to take my post as truth go up and spud bar for yourself :))..who may find safe ice else where too....
 Reply by: Screwbird33      Posted: 12/21/2018 7:49:15 AM     Points: 952    
3way - I've only fished the north side a handful of times last season am not very familiar with the south/inlet. Where is "black wall" and more importantly are there any good places to park without hiring a sherpa to help. I'll be by myself so want to play it on the safer side. Thanks in advance!
 Reply by: Troutman      Posted: 12/21/2018 8:54:09 AM     Points: 59    
I feel ya 3 way. It seems that what so many are really trying to say is
Please drive me up there hold my hand and show me where how and when to fish. Where’s your own sense of discovery and adventure? If you don’t have the senses find them.. there awesome.
 Reply by: da_teacher      Posted: 12/21/2018 9:25:20 AM     Points: 57    
You can drill my holes and bait my hook as well boys. Much appreciated! I don't like getting my hands dirty.
 Reply by: CubsFan04      Posted: 12/21/2018 8:02:26 PM     Points: 0    
I am also curious what the black wall is. I've looked at all the maps I can on google of GMR and see no mention of it. My guess is it is a pretty obvious landmark if you are familiar with the reservoir but not on the map perhaps. I'm trying to get out for my first time ever ice fishing and just want to be on the safe side.

Additionally I know it is even encouraged to keep some of the smaller lake trout at GMR but what size range is that specifically?
 Reply by: fishingfreak      Posted: 12/23/2018 9:06:14 PM     Points: 1580    
More like, take all the small Lakers you need ithin the limit, because that's all you'll catch mostly, and itll help the lake out very much
 Reply by: cdub2411      Posted: 12/24/2018 10:07:30 AM     Points: 357    
Hey all we made it out Sunday we brought our Spud bar and parked over on the north side the ice was between 4 and 5 in and we saw people fishing all over the lake. As mentioned I would definitely exercise caution and bring your Spud bar. We managed to find water from 50 feet all the way to a hundred and fifty feet and didn't catch anything of size but did land a bunch of smaller Lakers. I really appreciate the updates we wouldn't have gone up from Denver without knowing there was ficeable ice thanks again.
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: 12/25/2018 12:35:24 PM     Points: 90    
@cdub2411, were you able to see anyone down by the dam or North boat ramp?
 Reply by: cdub2411      Posted: 12/26/2018 7:51:53 AM     Points: 357    
Hey Colorado City, we saw people accessing that side of the lake, it was kind of hard to see the dam where we were fishing so I can't be sure, but it felt like people were exploring the whole lake when we went out and after a few more cold nights I'd think those areas would be good to go, but would spud wherever you go just in case:) Hope that helps!
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: 12/26/2018 9:49:00 AM     Points: 90    
Thanks, I think I'll give it a try!

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