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Lake: Dowdy Lake

ice fishing

Post By: chille dave      Posted: 12/1/2018 7:04:27 AM     Points: 4    
How thick is the ice?
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 12/1/2018 11:04:35 AM     Points: 53607    
At parvin now. Ice is 7. Is imagine that the other lakes in the area have similar ice.
 Reply by: chille dave      Posted: 12/1/2018 11:34:37 AM     Points: 4    
Thanks Kev-o
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 12/1/2018 12:16:46 PM     Points: 53607    
Dowdy, parvin and west all have fishable ice. 6-7 in most places.
 Reply by: fishfreak8420      Posted: 12/17/2018 7:31:29 AM     Points: 0    
I have gone here for the last 2 weeks. ice the first week was 5', and last week it was 7'. Fishing was outstanding all we were using was a Ratso chartruse or blood worm red. with a mealie on the end. The last 2 weeks has had great success, from sunrise to about 2 pm, so get out there early. Also by the dam in about 15 ' of water. and you should see action coming in and out all day.
 Reply by: EricCO      Posted: Jan. 5, 9:46:44 AM     Points: 272    
Went out on Jan 3rd and the ice is about 10" thick now. Fishing was consistent with the previous post on this thread. Biggest trout we caught was only about 10".
 Reply by: EricCO      Posted: Feb. 2, 10:20:31 PM     Points: 272    
Ice was 10" yesterday and the fishing was still pretty good.