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Lake: Horsetooth Reservoir
Fish: Smallmouth Bass
Fishful Thinker

Getting better

Post By: Fisherguyd      Posted: 9/27/2018 1:16:08 PM     Points: 96    
Water is way down, fished the North end in the morning with Whopper Ploppers and caught a handful of small ones, then when the Paddleboarders started launching within 10 feet of us we decided to start walking in the West coves and started catching some decent sized ones, a couple of 3lbers and a handful of 2lbers along with 20-30 of the 6-8" ones. Fun day!
 Reply by: ass bass or cash      Posted: 9/27/2018 8:38:56 PM     Points: 1577    
Great looking smallies. I haven't caught a SMB in forever, been all bucketmouths for me the last few years. I should probably target these more. Beautiful colors and decent fighters from what I remember!
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 9/27/2018 9:14:22 PM     Points: 204    
Nice looking bass guys, looks like it was a good day.
 Reply by: Fisherguyd      Posted: 9/28/2018 7:04:54 AM     Points: 96    
The walks seem to be getting longer(the older I get), but the Bass and the whiskey were worth it! 'Old Ugly' was the tube color.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/28/2018 10:22:25 AM     Points: 197    
Nice catches! Love the Whopper Plopper!