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Fish: Channel Catfish

Where to fish for catfish up north?

Post By: FishingJunkie      Posted: 9/18/2018 8:59:36 PM     Points: 1816    
I live up in Westminster - would like to try for a good catfish this fall. I don't keep them. What lakes should I be fishing up north?! I don't want your spots, I'm just looking to narrow down the list to something that has a good chance of producing and limiting my all too frequent kitty-skunks. Boedecker, Lon Hagler, Boyd, Loveland Lake?

 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 9/18/2018 9:15:14 PM     Points: 56437    
Boyd has some nice cats. I don't target them but have caught a few.
 Reply by: Killerfihser      Posted: 9/19/2018 6:26:35 AM     Points: 770    
Sterns in Louisville has some big cats, have caught a few nice one from there.
 Reply by: hunter creek      Posted: 9/19/2018 9:28:44 AM     Points: 2656    
Lon Hagler near Loveland has some big cats.
 Reply by: fishncolorado      Posted: 9/19/2018 10:13:24 AM     Points: 23    
Mckay on the boarder lines of Broomfield / Westminster counties.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 9/19/2018 1:40:01 PM     Points: 1816    
I'd love to fish McKay for cats - but it's flies and lures only according to the Rules book. I can't ignore those rules - even though so many break them - I've stopped going around that lake with my dog - I live just on the north end of it... it's too frustrating...
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 9/19/2018 1:40:23 PM     Points: 204    
Mcall, Union res,both have cats, Pella use to have cat fishing nights I've caught some nice cats there when fishing for bass.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 9/19/2018 1:41:16 PM     Points: 1816    
Killerfihser - I knew Sterns had some cats but didn't know it had anything larger than the 2-3lbs ones I've seen caught to date...... interesting. It's very close to me, though they don't let you fish there at night. Boulder police had chased me out of there one night... Still, interesting.
 Reply by: Fisherguyd      Posted: 9/19/2018 1:54:20 PM     Points: 96    
Try the Blue Heron lake at St Vrain, I heard it had good cats.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 9/19/2018 3:59:58 PM     Points: 1816    
Isn't "Blue Heron" pond flies and lures only?! I wonder how late they allow you to stay there.... ?
 Reply by: betterwithbutter      Posted: 9/19/2018 4:06:18 PM     Points: 5    
I caught a nice cat at Stearns this summer near Broomfield
 Reply by: ass bass or cash      Posted: 9/19/2018 5:53:34 PM     Points: 1803    
Blue Heron is catch and release of alll Bass and you can only keep 1 cat, over 20", but not restricted to flies and lures only. Bald Eagle a couple ponds over is flies and lures only, C & R all Bass.
 Reply by: Riverfish      Posted: 9/19/2018 7:49:39 PM     Points: 165    
How far you wanna go? Lake McConahaughy is loaded with the. Very easy to catch. Nice size too. Caught a 8-9 #er last week. Normal size Iíve been catching 2-5#ers. At least 10+ fish in about 2-3 hrs.
 Reply by: TADA32      Posted: 9/20/2018 11:47:11 AM     Points: 14933    
Windsor lake has some really nice cats.
 Reply by: fishncolorado      Posted: 9/20/2018 2:15:46 PM     Points: 23    
FishingJunkie, I forgot that the lake was only artificial flies/lures only. The reason I forgot is that I normally walk into the lake from the southwest side, and the only posting for fishing is in the main parking lot off of 144TH. I normally do not worry about any of the postings as I strictly use only artificial lures and only catch and release. However, I have caught catfish there on lures :)
 Reply by: Fisherguyd      Posted: 9/20/2018 3:28:13 PM     Points: 96    
I believe that Bald Eagle is the only 'Artificial flies and lures' pond there, but I could be wrong
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 9/20/2018 4:32:51 PM     Points: 1816    
@Riverfish - can I give you a call or email?!
 Reply by: Riverfish      Posted: 9/20/2018 6:51:09 PM     Points: 165    
@ junkie. Sure. Im at work now. Break time. Lol

720-four 48-six833
Shoot me a text.
 Reply by: Slay them with AVET      Posted: 9/21/2018 3:07:06 AM     Points: 3    
Hey fishing junkie, Lake McConahaughy looks good
 Reply by: Killerfihser      Posted: 9/21/2018 6:17:12 AM     Points: 770    
FJ - wish I had pictures to share of recent catches but I don't usually take picture of cats when caught. There are some bigguns in there. I usually fish until dark then leave, they seem to hit right at sun set. Your typical baits will work, night crawlers, stink baits, or cut bait.
 Reply by: panchaser      Posted: 9/21/2018 10:06:31 AM     Points: 33    
If you just want to catch cats in the 10-15'' range, bald eagle at st. vrain is the place. Gulp artificial blood flavored catfish bait (yes it is legal) under a bobber with a circle hook about 2 feet off the bottom. if you don't get a bite within 15 -20 mins move down 30-50 yards and toss out again. This works on most smaller ponds/lakes with channel cats in it.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 9/22/2018 7:41:31 AM     Points: 1816    
Hey Riverfish - you got my TXT, I sent it yesterday morning...
 Reply by: J-Hawk      Posted: 9/22/2018 3:10:32 PM     Points: 0    
Looking for a spot for Chann Cats for tomorrow am with my 8 year old near Boulder.

Anyone ever try Viele Lake near Fairview HS?

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