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Lake: Pueblo Reservoir
Fish: Channel Catfish

Volunteered for the DV-disabled @ Pueblo

Post By: TeamGR3      Posted: 9/17/2018 8:35:12 AM     Points: 1534    
So, I volunteered to be a boat captain @ Fishing has no boundaries at Pueblo this past Saturday and give something back. The day was a success with a bunch of great people and a better cause... I was one of the last to register for the event, and this year more boat caps, showed up than participants, which was a good thing because it was opposite in the past. I ended up taking 2 volunteers that never fished ever, and it was epic. I ended up taking a married couple ED N Andrea... well I don't ever fish pueblo, so all I did was find a tall shoal- wall with shade, and kept it simple for the 2. I put a white and pink 1/4 oz. jig head and half a worm. In 1 minute of dropping the jig, Andrea hooks a 6lb. catfish, her first fish, and did this girl go nuts, incredible to see her reaction and her proud husband. After some pics by her hubby she sends the jig back down, and about 3 mins later BAM another nice cat, about 2-3lbs., this girl was on fire. Hubby so new to the fishing scene a bit of a struggle, Ed got many bites, but could not seal the deal, just could not set the hook fast enough. Andrea had a bit more of a challenge with the smallies and hooking up as well, but they were getting hits all morning trying there best. GREAT DAY!!! I will volunteer every year for this cause.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 9/17/2018 8:41:49 AM     Points: 10821    
Very cool GR3, glad you got those folks out and got into fish. Looks like you all had a great time.
 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: 9/17/2018 8:44:59 AM     Points: 1534    
 Reply by: thompo      Posted: 9/17/2018 11:14:35 AM     Points: 220    
I REALLY wanted to do this but we had a trip planned with somebody else already. I canít wait to do it next year. Good on ya man.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: 9/17/2018 2:36:46 PM     Points: 23141    
Very cool TeamGR3 !!! May the fish gods smile upon you for your act of kindness !
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: 9/17/2018 5:08:33 PM     Points: 1663    
That's awesome.

I saw you there at the dock as my son and I were headed out for an afternoon walleye trip.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 9/17/2018 6:08:03 PM     Points: 33532    
Very cool GR3! I call that a success story for sure! You deserve much good karma sir!
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/17/2018 9:19:39 PM     Points: 217    
Awesome GR3! You the man brother! Great fish pics!