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Fish: Cutbow Trout

Extra Chunky Cutbow

Post By: bharper      Posted: 9/12/2018 6:55:02 PM     Points: 232    
I stopped at The Dream on my way over to the front range to fish half a day.About an hour into fishing I hooked this almost 20 1/2Ē super chunk Cutbow pushin 3 1/2 lbs! It fought valiantly to stay out of the net but I finally netted it after a few drag stripping runs!
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 9/12/2018 6:59:13 PM     Points: 64407    
Good looking fish man. Jspec? lol.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/12/2018 7:26:11 PM     Points: 232    
Lol! Brown Trout Pattern! I stopped at G-town for a few and hooked something big(?) but it got off halfway to shore!(Fire Craw)
 Reply by: ass bass or cash      Posted: 9/12/2018 7:36:01 PM     Points: 2096    
Appropriately, it is football season! Beautiful fish.
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 9/12/2018 7:52:30 PM     Points: 64407    
Some guys knock dynamic lures probably because they donít use them. I donít how many fish Iíve caught with them but itís a lot. Always one of the first lures I toss for one simple reason, they work lol. If youíve never used an x-rap give those a shot too. Gotta love the jerkbait man.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/12/2018 9:40:29 PM     Points: 232    
Thx Ass Bass,I looked like Billy White Shoes Johnson running around trying to land this one! Lol,If youíre old enough to know who he was? (Houston Oilers kick returner)
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/12/2018 9:52:12 PM     Points: 232    
Kev-o - The J-Spec is awesome! I really like X-Raps and Countdowns! My buddy stuck this 5 lb Native Cutthroat on a 4Ē X-Rap and I got this beautiful Bow on a 3 1/8Ē X-rap both in the Crawdad Pattern.This gorgeous Bow (3rd pic) is from last year on the J-Spec in Fire Craw pattern!
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 9/12/2018 10:01:35 PM     Points: 64407    
Great pics and awesome fish for sure! We should fish together sometime. My skipper link is always open man. That cuttie is unreal.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/13/2018 6:47:14 AM     Points: 232    
Ken-o - Thx again! Sounds good and let me know if you ever come to fish the Western Slope? Yeah that Cuttie was caught out of a predominate Bass and Bluegill Res that has Brown Trout listed but no Cutts! The water is gravity fed from some fairly distant Mnt Lakes that has Browns,Rainbows, and Cutts!
 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: 9/13/2018 12:37:41 PM     Points: 1549    
gotta love the fatties-WTG
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 9/13/2018 8:57:40 PM     Points: 232