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Lake: Jim Baker Reservoir
Fish: Black Crappie

Artificial or Live Bait?!?

Post By: Mr.Crappie      Posted: 8/4/2018 4:19:30 PM     Points: 0    
Hey, I went out to Jim Baker about 7 or 8 this morning. I've never been to this location before so I was kinda unaware of the rules and I didnt see anything posted on the sign in the parking lot. But I heard from a couple people say that its only artificial lures and jigs. But I also talked to some local fishermen and they said that it was okay to use live bait! So can someone plz let me know what's correct. I dont wanna get into any trouble! Lol!!!
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: 8/4/2018 4:23:35 PM     Points: 22834
Aquatic bait is not allowed according to the lake page, this includes minnows, water dogs and crawfish. Other than that all bait is a go.
 Reply by: Mr.Crappie      Posted: 8/4/2018 4:49:23 PM     Points: 0
Okay, Thank You! How is the crappie bite there?
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: 8/4/2018 7:44:35 PM     Points: 22834
I've never caught many crappie there, fish it pretty often. I know they're in there. Good number of small bluegills and sunfish.
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