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Fish: Blue Catfish

New to Aurora

Post By: Goat Mans      Posted: 8/2/2018 4:26:36 PM     Points: 0    
Hey guys...
So i moved to Aurora not to long ago and have been fishing twice... With only catching Large Mouth Fry lay weekend with my boys. So really i WANT Crappie but from what I've read they are very few and far between. I do love a nice big Blue. So I'm seeking some help. At this point i think a night fishing endeavor would be my best bet. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would like to stay close to Aurora if possible but if i gotta drive... I'll drive.
So, coming from Texas I ALWAYS use fresh cut shad for bait... Is that what works here as well?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Tight Lines!
 Reply by: Little D      Posted: 8/2/2018 7:03:56 PM     Points: 553    
Aurora Res. Is home to the state record catfish if I remember right. Ive never fished for them before there but if you look under the lake finder tab and go to Aurora Res and read some of the old forum posts you'll probably find a bunch of great posts about the reservoir and probably a tip or two on how to catch them.

Oh yeah, you can also filter the forum posts be species too to cut down your search time. Hope this helps and good luck!
 Reply by: schoeny      Posted: 8/2/2018 7:21:58 PM     Points: 5    
Not close, but p-lo has big blues
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 8/2/2018 7:54:05 PM     Points: 61804    
I don't think you can night fish Aurora. They lock the entrance gates at night. You're simply not going to find warm water fishing like you had in TX, especially bass and crappie.. at least not size wise. although you can find some really good white bass fishing. Right now Pueblo and John Martin will be your best bets for crappie and big cats.

This is really gonna leave a bad taste in my mouth, BUT we probably have some of if not the best catfish anglers in the U.S in FishRangler, Phidoux and Uncle Marty. Here are a couple articles from this forum on fishing for cats in CO. Good luck and welcome to the forum

[log in for link]

[log in for link]

P.S. P-Lo is short for Pueblo

Here is the link for Aurora and it states the hours

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 Reply by: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 8/2/2018 8:22:03 PM     Points: 1685    
Channel cats are the biggest catfish your going to get in Colorado for now.
Blues are much smaller and a long distance from Denver.
So focus on the channels.
Ps no large channels pulled out of Aurora res since I caught the 37 pounder in 2012
Just a couple 3 pounders those were 2014

Not worth your time.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: 8/4/2018 12:54:32 PM     Points: 6337    
anglerwanabe posted a couple great links for catting read and reread those. Also you tube has a wealth of info on catching cats. You will find that most of the catters on here are pretty tight lipped on where they catch their fish because we have seen good to great fisheries get blasted on forums and fished out or at the very least WAY over fished and people kept the fish. Please practice CPR on large cats that is the only way we are going to have monsters in the future.
Good luck tight lines and screaming drags.
 Reply by: Slay them with AVET      Posted: 8/4/2018 6:42:01 PM     Points: 3    
Goat Mans,
Only thing your gonna catch locally are Channel Cats and nothing to too massive unless you drive way out from Denver. For the big boys like Blue Cats and Flat-heads your better off in Texas, Kentucky or Tennessee.

Sorry to disappoint you
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 8/5/2018 10:01:31 AM     Points: 63890    
OP, What part of Texas are you from?
 Reply by: Goat Mans      Posted: 8/10/2018 4:05:50 PM     Points: 0    
Thanks everyone for the info. Well at this point I'll be happy with a Few stomachs full... of anything tasty. Back home My 3 go to fish were... In order... Crappie (white or black but prefer black cause of the beautiful markings), Blue cat ( nothing over 15lbs... too spongy), and Sand Bass (white bass).
Sometimes i like to go fishing just to get by the water but 99% of the time i keep... That's why I not a Large Mouth type of guy.
What is a tasty fish around here... What's the time frame... Where is the best place to go (the closer the better)... What'sthe best bait for them... Do i use a slip bobber, off the bottom on a leader (like fishing for large Blues with cut shad)... off the top... Etc. Please keep in mind I'm not a Fly guy, never tried it.
Sorry for which sentences... Posting from phone.
@ cookster... I'm from North Texas. About an hour North of Dallas. Grew up 3minutes (walking) from Lake Lewisville. Fished: Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Grapevine, and Lake Texoma.
If anyone plans on taking a trip out there... Check out my Facebook Page... North Texas Fishing Connection.

 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 8/11/2018 9:17:25 AM     Points: 63890    
Hey GM, every thing you use at Lewisville and Ray Roberts for cats and crappie works here too.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 8/11/2018 10:42:08 AM     Points: 1816    
Around here the most common catch is going to be trout. If you're from TX this maybe a novelty for you (for a while... :) - it's not a bad table fare if you know how to prepare them. I prefer warm water species. For me the best tasting fish here are in this order:
1) Perch
2) Bluegill
3) Walleye
4) Crappie
5) Whitebass / Wiper

These fish are pretty common in our area, but catching them takes experience and some luck. Some are easier to catch than others. The walleyes, for example, are prized fish by many - most large fish are caught at night.

If you want a tasty meal take your kids to some local ponds and fish for bluegills. They will have fun and you may enjoy a good mess of fried bluegills - I know I do.

I have no idea where to catch large cats around here - like the one you're holding, maybe in Lake Pueblo or in neighboring Nebraska lakes - not too far away.

Tight lines -
 Reply by: Goat Mans      Posted: 8/11/2018 8:41:29 PM     Points: 0    
That's funny because i use perch as bait. I've always known you could eat perch but back home the norm would take about 10 or so to get a single plate full... Just rarely get a nice size. I hope to get to the lake in the next couple of weeks.
 Reply by: Bubba02STi      Posted: 8/12/2018 12:43:21 AM     Points: 515    
Our “warm water” is nothing like the south. So most good warm water fishing is down south of Pueblo and in south east part of the state.

There are many species of trout here along with Kokanee, pike, graylings, walleye, saugeye etc. those are what you tend to hear about when people catch “big fish” here. Don’t be discouraged though. The big bass cats and crappie are out there. But they will be thousand casts fish.

What does everyone eat? Well that is going to depend on the pallet. I personally prefer salt water so I’m SOL here.

We have a very diverse group of anglers here from bait casters to fly fishers. Some of us will do it all. Might be worth trying new forms of fishing and getting rods for every situation.

Our warm water season is fairly short as well. You should see how ape$!* people get when someone catches a bass before May. And during fall to spring you might as well call this place or

Regardless, if your looking for a certain species, check out the species tab up top. Not only can it direct you to threads but it will list our lakes that have them as well. On those lake pages are typically a fishing report also.

There is a lot of water to fish around Denver. Best advice I can give. Get out and get the lines wet. Go back to the basics to learn the water. And read through the many threads about what works for people.

Goodluck and tight lines!
 Reply by: fishmohr      Posted: 8/13/2018 10:30:20 PM     Points: 77    
I prefer the perch out of Aurora. You have to remember that perch here means "yellow perch". If you need 11 texas perch to fill your plate....11 yellow perch from Aurora will weigh about 2.5 to 3 pounds. Last weekend we kept 10 perch and one walleye and had 3.5 pounds of fresh filets that we quickly devoured.

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