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Fish: Arctic Grayling

HIgh Country Fun

Post By: SGM      Posted: 7/28/2018 7:54:01 AM     Points: 14439    
Hit a high country lake Thursday with a buddy and had a great time. He had never caught a grayling so that was our target fish. Once we reached the lake which was up a pretty serious 4x4 road, it only took about 10 minutes to achieve our goal for the day. As typical with high country lakes, none of the fish where huge but lots of them and hard fighters. Between us we caught about 100 fish with native cutthroats being the most prominent and then the grayling, about a 4 to 1 ratio. He caught all his on flies, mine where on small spinners and kastmasters. Even if we did not catch anything the ride and scenery was worth the trip.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 7/28/2018 7:54:57 AM     Points: 14439    
A few more photos.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: 7/28/2018 8:00:42 AM     Points: 3362    
Looks like fun
Love the tundra
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: 7/28/2018 10:22:33 AM     Points: 318    
Sweet scenic n pretty fish, hard to beat this time of year! Great report on both, gotta love those grayling!
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 7/28/2018 12:49:18 PM     Points: 2352    
Hey... I think I know that “other” guy in the photos!
Sounds like a great trip. Good job!
 Reply by: adrenaline_junkie_ff      Posted: 7/28/2018 2:48:54 PM     Points: 7951    
Beautiful fish and great scenery. Nicely done.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 7/28/2018 3:25:24 PM     Points: 262    
Nice catch! Congrats! I still haven’t caught a Grayling but don’t fish the high country much!
 Reply by: Smitty413      Posted: 7/28/2018 4:18:32 PM     Points: 108    
I love that spot! I grew up not to far from there and have been up there many times. Definitely a hidden gem. Way to go!
 Reply by: bghoss      Posted: 7/28/2018 4:43:03 PM     Points: 0    
Nice catch, looks like you had some good weather!
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 7/29/2018 8:38:41 AM     Points: 14439    
Thanks all.

Yes Ski you know him, he wants to chase a few other high country fish now that he had a taste.Weather was a nice as you could want. Cool morning that never got to warm and nice sunshine. Only saw 3 other people fish it that day.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 7/29/2018 10:14:01 AM     Points: 38411    
Looks like a beautiful place to beat the heat a get some neat looking fish.
 Reply by: Mattastrophy      Posted: 7/30/2018 9:16:35 AM     Points: 1159    
I was up there two weekends ago and caught my first Grayling too. You are right, the road and scenery were amazing. I too, grew up in the area but that was my first time at that lake! I will be back!
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 7/30/2018 9:29:51 AM     Points: 14439    
Bron, yes it was nice to get up high and out of the heat.

Matta, congratulations on your first grayling. For sure we will be back for the fishing and history with all the old mines in the area.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 7/31/2018 9:01:15 AM     Points: 8397    
looks like it was a great trip!
 Reply by: wildtrouter      Posted: 7/31/2018 10:18:23 AM     Points: 150    
I know that area............great place to find some nice Grayling and Cutts....
 Reply by: HeavyC      Posted: 8/1/2018 9:44:57 PM     Points: 5572    

HC Out!
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 8/2/2018 6:31:37 AM     Points: 14439    
Thanks guys, IMO it does not get much better than those high alpine lakes.

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