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Lake: Mountain Home Reservoir

Johnski. Some questions for you

Post By: death__from__below      Posted: 6/18/2018 12:00:51 PM     Points: 128    
Johnski I was going to try to contact you through skipper but didn't see a link for you. I just had a couple questions for you. Does Mountain Home have a bunch of crawfish like some of the other lakes down there? Are they doing boat inspections (hours?) at Sanchez this year? Do you have any updates on Sanchez, any pike caught yet? Thanks man. Hope all is well with you.
 Reply by: Beto33      Posted: 6/19/2018 6:22:16 AM     Points: 60    
I usually fish mountain home a few times a year. That being said I always catch a few trout with tiny crawfish in them, probably around an inch and a half in length or smaller.
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 6/19/2018 8:23:50 AM     Points: 6374    
Hi there death...Good questions.
We were out there the other night and noticed crawfish on the rocks. They were all 2-4 inchers and I suspect that pike and trout make excellent use of them. I read in the regs later that these are not the invasive "Rusty Crawfish" that Sanchez has. Rusty Crawfish MUST be killed before you leave the Sanchez. Some crayfish imitation softbaits might work well at Mtn Home. Got skunked the other night, but always keep trying.

No boat inspections that I have seen or heard of.

Have not been back to fish Sanchez, since my earlier reports of catching a few browns. But I was there 2 weeks ago and saw that water clarity is still good and boat could be launched from the sandy bay east of the boat ramp. Good luck and hope some pike are still in there.
 Reply by: death__from__below      Posted: 6/20/2018 10:31:31 AM     Points: 128    
Thanks Johnski. We'll see if I can make it down there. If only there wasnt so much to get done always. Lol.