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Lake: North Delaney

North Delaney

Post By: mike2_72      Posted: 5/24/2018 8:02:51 AM     Points: 83    
I am heading to Steamboat this weekend and get a morning free to head to North Delaney. I canít find much information on boating for the lake. I have an inflatable with electric motor that is hand launched (no trailer) Do I need an inspection? Is there a specific time boating is open in the morning? From what I have read itís an SWA and there is no fee. Is this correct? Also, first time there and any general tips would be greatly appreciated. I will mainly be trolling or casting my spin rod but have a fly rod as well (skill in very limited here haha).

Thanks for any information

 Reply by: rjslate88      Posted: 5/24/2018 9:55:52 AM     Points: 4969    
No inspections at any of the delaney's or lake John. Boat ramps are open 24 hours but last time I was there(couple weeks ago) the dock wasn't in at north Delaney.
 Reply by: rjslate88      Posted: 5/24/2018 10:01:14 AM     Points: 4969    
Jerk baits, tube jigs, minnow imitations are usually good. Big streamers, callibetis, chirominids, damsels are good fly choices. Shallow early and late in day and deep during middle of day.
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: 5/24/2018 10:05:53 AM     Points: 1851    
Mike, I have not been up there recently. However I do not believe there is any inspections there. Even if that has been implemented its no big deal. You are correct no fees. Free primitive camping with only outhouses. I know there are crayfish so that type of fly or lure may work close to the edges. Bait fish patterns can be productive. Also the callibeatis hatch should be gearing up. You can slow troll or dead drift under an indicartor. A leech and a callibeatis nymph with your fly rod (hare ear or pheasant tail) . My favorite is a brown leech #8. But black and olive are also good.The big chironomid hatch should be in full swing. #12 - #16 best colors red, black and olive.Those are better on a dead drift. I hope this helps...... i2
Use your fly rod! you'll never get better if you don't....Lol
 Reply by: mike2_72      Posted: 5/24/2018 10:24:39 AM     Points: 83    
Thank you everyone for the information. It is very helpful and informative. I will post a report when I get back.
 Reply by: mike2_72      Posted: 5/30/2018 7:34:18 AM     Points: 83    
Got out to North Delaney on Sunday from 6-930. Tons of campers around all of the lakes. I donít know if this is the case every weekend or just because of the long weekend but I would recommend getting there early on Friday if you want to find a camping spot. Caught 12-15 fish with half being stocker rainbows and half being 16-18 inch browns, largest going about 20 inches. Best method of the day was trolling a taz about 50 ft behind the boat with no weight. Also caught one casting a rapala into the shallows and one on a brown tube jig casted to shore. Spent most of my time on the north and northeast part of the lake. Wind was no existent on the day and water clarity was about 5-6 feet. All in all it was a great morning on the water.
 Reply by: mike2_72      Posted: 5/30/2018 7:35:18 AM     Points: 83    
A few more photos.
 Reply by: Jdavis9478      Posted: 5/30/2018 4:55:34 PM     Points: 778    
Nice catch! How were the mosquitoes?
 Reply by: mike2_72      Posted: 5/30/2018 5:14:41 PM     Points: 83    
Mosquitos werenít bad when I was on the water. Soon as I got off the water they were bad.
 Reply by: nparker      Posted: 5/31/2018 10:19:15 AM     Points: 1024    
Seems early for skeeters. Were they Chironomids maybe. Did you get bit?
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 5/31/2018 11:09:29 AM     Points: 3313    
Nparker, that's what I thought. Usually it's mid June to mid August.
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: 5/31/2018 5:54:55 PM     Points: 1851    
It does seem a bit early for mosquitoes. However, If they were midges. Check out the shallows as the sun goes down. Sometimes it looks like the boop the gopher game. A favorite memory and a rare occasion for me. Was fishing the big chironomid as a Dry. I fished right thru sundown using the sliver water to spot my fly.... Very nice memory.. spanked them until it got dark. I'm looking forward to another opportunity like that... i2
 Reply by: mike2_72      Posted: 6/1/2018 5:34:45 AM     Points: 83    
There were definitely some mosquitos as the bites on me are proof haha. A lot of the bugs may have been midges as I am no big expert. Didnít see to many fish rising in the early morning. However, I was off at 930 and that seemed to be when the big activity picked up.

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