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Kokannee Bro

Post By: Abel1      Posted: 4/20/2018 1:45:10 PM     Points: 190    
Kokanee Bro. Try to look at it differently. If you dissect the original post you will see that there were some names dropped in the post and those mentioned have some ties to celebrity. I think Item number 2 in the forum rules applies to everyone just not here on this site. Letting the post continue may have proved irresponsible on the part of the moderators of this site and opened up a much larger can of worms. I was one of the 3 replies and I also mentioned my views not at those mentioned but to g.. laws in general and thinking back I can see where the entire post could have reached a point where it may have really upset people from all different sides and blown the original post way off its original subject. In my opinion it was best that the moderators took the action they did. Sometimes c.....ship is the best thing. Rethink your decision about renewing.
 Reply by: Kokanee Bro      Posted: 4/20/2018 2:22:43 PM     Points: 239    
My subscription doesn't renew until February of next year so I have some time to think about it. I just don't like being treated like a child, and I hate ideological filtering. I think if FXR listened or cared about what the majority of people are saying about censorship, they wouldn't be doing it (regardless of their policies--those can be amended (no pun intended)). It is one thing if people start attacking each other or being hostile towards each other, but it feels a bit like censorship is happening on ideological terms... that is what prompted me to criticize. What makes me not want to renew is that when I was critical of that, they then censored that criticism because they know it makes them look bad. It is that one-sidedness that is at the root of all the issues in this country. Why can't we talk these issues out? If you threw a party and these things got brought up, would you kick people out? or force them not to talk about it? I know this is a privately operated site and they can run it however they want... That doesn't mean I need to like it or support it, and it certainly doesn't mean I can't criticize it. If someone stands up and says something about wanting to listen to Ted Nugent, and how liberals are going to take your fishing poles that is their prerogative. If I say something about how I feel Ted is an idiot and how that is a ridiculous theory that is my prerogative... Ol Ted put himself in that position by being a blow hard, just as I have opened my opinions up to criticism by voicing them. Tell me I am wrong... If you can prove it it will make me a smarter person.
 Reply by: opencage      Posted: 4/20/2018 3:14:46 PM     Points: 157499    
Please see my post on the other thread: [log in for link]

Decisions aren't made based on opinions, but how they're expressed. Rule 1 is be courteous.

Also, Rule 7 of the forum is "If you have a question or complaint regarding these rules or use of these rules, moderator actions, or management decisions, do not post it to the forum, instead contact the website administrators via email."

If you'd like to speak more about it, please email me [log in for link] and we can set something up.