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Lake: Clear Creek Reservoir

Walking Ice ... It's Alive ... and it took my pole!

Post By: Mattastrophy      Posted: 4/2/2018 8:50:00 PM     Points: 1159    
I never thought that I would witness this on a lake here in Colorado. We were fishing the shore line at Clear Creek Reservoir and the lake was nearly 90% open today. As we were fishing, I looked up and the ice was about 200 yards closer than it was a minute ago ...

I continued to watch as it drifted closer and closer. I yelled at my dad and told my daughter to watch it because we were fishing. Then the unbelievable happened ... we saw walking ice. We thought that the ice would hit the shore and hinder it's movement and just ruin our fishing spot. Nope! The ice continued up the shore over the rocks and continued closer and closer to us.

In the amazing wonder of it all, I forgot to reel in and retreat WITH my fishing pole. Then as soon as I realized that my line was still in the water, I look over right as the ice buried my pole with no hesitation or regard for my feelings! lol

Here is the link to the video I took. Unfortunately, I did not realize what it was going to do or how amazing it would be to witness so my video was a little late but I still got a chance to catch a little of it encroaching on us.

[log in for link]

In the photos the first one is of my daughter with the open water behind her and the next is the walking ice right where we took the first photo just five minutes prior to the phenomenon! See how fast this drifting ice moved in?

Has anyone ever experience this before here in Colorado?
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 4/2/2018 9:19:28 PM     Points: 38411    
Ive fished Summit on Mt Evans in June and had clear ice sheets up to 10'x10' drift back and forth in front of us.
 Reply by: Basschaser      Posted: 4/3/2018 12:11:43 PM     Points: 1307    
Surprised a Ranger didn't jump out of the bushes to give you "unattended pole" fine
 Reply by: Mattastrophy      Posted: 4/3/2018 12:18:26 PM     Points: 1159    
The funny thing is that I was not leaving without my pole so, it took a while, but I was able to dig it out. I told my dad that if I find my pole I bet there is a fish on and once I got my pole free from the ice, sure enough my pole was a wiggling.
 Reply by: Coyute      Posted: 4/3/2018 12:35:46 PM     Points: 124    
 Reply by: elkskinner      Posted: 4/3/2018 7:35:35 PM     Points: 385    
I was up at Wheatland #3, north of Laramie, maybe 20, 25 years ago, early spring. I was sleeping on a cot (yes, it WAS cold!) right near the shore. Middle of the night, the wind came up. A short time later, I felt some one, or some thing, jostling my cot. I poked my head out of my sleeping bag, and was surprised to see a wall of ice pushing me inland. Needless to say, I jumped out of that bag real quick and moved away from the shore.

That next morning, at first light.....a pickup with a camper was parked a short distance from me. The ice had stopped right at the truck, but it was reaching the top of the camper. A wall of ice, 7 to 8' tall.

True story.

Dennis in Loveland
 Reply by: Lil Dave      Posted: 4/3/2018 8:57:39 PM     Points: 106    
This was 11 Mile. Video on YouTube
[log in for link]
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: 4/4/2018 7:33:17 AM     Points: 811    
WOW Dave, that video is amazing!!!! I've never seen anything like that before
 Reply by: Mattastrophy      Posted: 4/4/2018 9:17:45 AM     Points: 1159    
It is an incredibly cool thing to witness. It just keeps coming and rolling over itself.