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Lake: Main Reservoir

Any tips?

Post By: Nredman0      Posted: 3/17/2018 7:05:17 AM     Points: 55    
I have done very well at Main the last 2 years but this years has been a struggle! Im on a 3 month skunk and i cant seem to figure out what im doing wrong! Im throwing everything and i cant seem to get anything to bite. Any tips?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 3/17/2018 12:39:29 PM     Points: 58210    
might wanna mention what you're targeting
 Reply by: J.P. Davis      Posted: 3/23/2018 5:24:05 PM     Points: 20    
This is the 23rd of March & no signs of stocking this tear . Are not the weather conditions favorable ??? What's going on ? Anybody... Please get back . J.P. in Lakewood , on Field ct.
 Reply by: TADA32      Posted: 3/23/2018 8:43:50 PM     Points: 14330    
WTF? J.P. best bet is to go out and try it, or keep an eye on the cpw reports. They stock when they can and certain bodies of water at certain times.
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 3/23/2018 10:52:53 PM     Points: 2498    
If I was on a 3 month skunk on any lake Iíd be trying different water. Used to catch decent size and numbers at that place but things slowed down a couple years ago and I havenít been back in a long while. Like a lot of metro ponds, that one seems to cycle. Maybe itís too much pressure/overfishing, low water, low recruitment, whatever.

What is for sure, it doesnít take more than a few people to start regularly taking bass home over a period of a few weeks for most ponds go from good to crap real quick.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 3/24/2018 8:02:16 AM     Points: 7788    
Main is a "put and take " lake for trout . . . .CPW puts a truck load of trout in it and the next day its elbow to elbow. The other kinds of fish in there are under less pressure,but see enough to be smarter than most.You gots to do your homework on that lake.
 Reply by: Nredman0      Posted: 4/3/2018 7:16:50 PM     Points: 55    
I target bass and walleye at main. And I haven't been there after the stocking but I'm sure it's nothing pretty there! I usually go early in the morning or late at night.
 Reply by: Skaleda1980      Posted: 4/26/2018 9:30:44 AM     Points: 0    
I have not seen much caught out of Main. The walleye/saugeye should be spawning, or begin to spawn very soon. Hopefully people are catching & releasing these fish.

I've seen a few walleye caught at dusk/right after dark. Other than that, a few small carp surfacing for some flies.

The water level is still pretty low. Hopefully that improves in the next couple of weeks.
 Reply by: fishinbeech      Posted: 4/27/2018 7:59:40 PM     Points: 604    
Caught this last night about 9pm. It looks like a dinkish largemouth in this picture but it was definitely a smallmouth, about 12" and very healthy. It hit a crankbait about 2 feet from shore. (Fish was returned to the water immediately after picture was taken.) That's the only action we saw but we were only there for about a half hour. The rocks are literally crawling with rodents, either small rats or giant mice. Water level was low. (Conditions report to be updated directly.)
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: 4/27/2018 9:44:57 PM     Points: 24631    
Looks like a largemouth to me with the black lateral line
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 4/27/2018 10:19:05 PM     Points: 2332    
I agree...definitely not a smallmouth.
 Reply by: fishinbeech      Posted: 5/2/2018 5:57:45 AM     Points: 604    
I see the stripe too and it does look like a largemouth. I would argue that it's just the picture but I can't find any images online of smallmouth that look similar so I must be mistaken. The only excuse I can come up with is that the fish's mouth seemed so small compared to this Largemouth that I caught a few days earlier! (not at Main Lake)

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