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Lake: Harvey Gap Reservoir

Harvey Gap Closed 2018

Post By: Perchpatrol      Posted: 3/5/2018 10:38:56 AM     Points: 570    
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Harvey Gap Reservoir closed to trailered boats again. Due to CPW funding cuts/shortages the reservoir will once again be closed to boats this season .

I really wish Colorado could come up a solution to this ANS funding. I mean honestly how many of you fellow Colorado boaters would mind having to pay a $30 to $50 ANS sticker fee every year like they do in Wyoming?

Seems like all we get is negative news from CPW these days. Could they at some point do something positive for the anglers that we all can say “wow, they’re really doing a great job with _____!”

Broken record, same ol thing, stuck on repeat...
 Reply by: Grahams dad      Posted: 3/5/2018 10:57:38 PM     Points: 6    
Th CPW did that for years at Stagecoach, it would be a month after ice off if not longer before we go get our boats on the water. But the biologist was out there setting up his gil nets and shocking spawning areas killing off pike and Walleye, including monster trout that were accidentally cought in the gil nets. My opinion is that the state park rangers drive around giving dog out dog at large tickets and are no where to be found when it comes to park work, maintenance and keeping the lake open. They fall back on the seasonal part timers to do the work while they play chief.
That's years...of observation at stagecoach!
 Reply by: BuffaloMt      Posted: 4/5/2018 11:34:05 AM     Points: 0    
I totally agree its such a joke and same thing is going on at rifle gap. They have there gill nets setup by the dam. I feel like they waste alot money in pointless areas. There is alot of other ways to bring more funding in. Like making all non angler and non hunters have to purchase a permit to access all the things they do. I find it hilarious too that at any lake i go to the ANS inspectors are usually younger kids that dont care at all and never really check anyways. Ya Broken record indeed
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 4/5/2018 12:13:44 PM     Points: 3732    
What things do non anglers and hunters use that they don't pay for?
 Reply by: Americanwolf      Posted: 4/5/2018 6:01:27 PM     Points: 158    
Have heard that CPW has approved a $25 increase on boats for ans in 2019. and if that's the case all lakes should be open ice off. I tired of waiting to fish, and on top of that CWP will continue to kill all good fishing in the western slope, unless its a trout lake.
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: 4/5/2018 10:46:49 PM     Points: 21931    
Shiver - I can give you one example that non-hunters or fisherman don't pay for and that is access to state wildlife areas. The cost of leases and maintainence is paid for from the sale of licenses and habitat stamps. But these areas are pretty much open to public use.
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 4/6/2018 9:44:53 AM     Points: 3732    
Yup, land leases for SWAs are paid for out of the Wildlife budget and not the Park budget. And I would agree that we should go back to requiring a stamp to access these areas. However, let's dig deeper into this.

Some of the more popular SWAs, like Jumbo, Prewitt, and San Luis Lakes do require the purchase of a $36 Annual SWA Pass if you are not are not a licensed hunter or fisherman. Plus, many SWAs are closed to non hunters for portions of the year, so as a hunter you get special access for your license.

Most SWAs are for actually for wildlife, particularly waterfowl, and our access is secondary. As an example of this, some SWAs are closed to the public at certain times to protect the wildlife. With that said, say we required the $36 annual pass for those without a hunting or fishing license for all SWAs. The question becomes, how many non licensed SWA users are there? And how many would purchase the pass to continue to use the SWAs?

So yes, your license helps pay for SWAs, and there are people who do not purchase a license that are allowed access to most, but not all, of the SWAs for free for most, but not all, of the year. But I would argue that the majority of users of the majority of SWAs are hunters.