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River: Cache La Poudre River (Upper Canyon)
Fish: Mountain Whitefish

Whitefish in the Poudre?

Post By: edawg      Posted: 2/21/2018 11:56:41 AM     Points: 247    
Iíve been fishing the Poudre regularly since I moved toFort Collins in 1996 and Iíve never caught one, although iíve Read (and been assured by other fisherman) that theyíre in there. Whoís caught whiteyís in the Poudre? And if you donít mind, what general vicinity have you caught them in?
 Reply by: gsn1574      Posted: 2/21/2018 12:10:16 PM     Points: 2194
Never seen one in there either, but ....

[log in for link]

You start looking around the internet and low and behold, they are in there.
 Reply by: Jdavis9478      Posted: 2/21/2018 1:09:40 PM     Points: 778
Glad i'm not alone. I was wondering the same thing. I have been fishing the Poudre for 15 years and never caught one. I have accidentally hooked into multiple on other rivers. You would think after hundreds of times fishing the same river you would??
 Reply by: TADA32      Posted: 2/21/2018 2:51:53 PM     Points: 22200
They aren't as common anymore but they are still there. It's the mountain white fish. A little different than your normal whitefish. From a friend who works at CSU's fisheries department he said they are far and few between now.
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