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Attaching level tippet to fly line

Post By: Little D      Posted: 2/13/2018 5:09:11 PM     Points: 338    
I recently caught a sweet deal on a 7wt online and I want to attach an intermediate line on it to fish lakes for pike, smallmouth, and trout this spring. Ive been doing a little bit of research and everyone seems to shy away from using long leaders because it creates a "sag" in the leader causing you fly line and fly to be below your actual leader (or so I believe that is what happening) because of the full sinking line.

A lot of people mention using just a straight 4ft piece of level fluorocarbon and I was wondering if anyone could attest to the effectiveness this and how they go about attaching it to their fly line? Seems to me like a standard loop knot and loop to loop connection would not be very effective bc wouldn't the thin diameter fluorocarbon cut into the fly line? Also how strong is a perfection loop with thin diameter line? Ive only used this knot for thicker butt sections like 30lb maxima but never for thin diameter tippet.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would love to hear how you go about doing this. I am pretty new to fly fishing and only have experience looping on already tapered leaders but id like to expand my game a little bit and go out of my comfort zone this year! Any help is appreciated! Thanks

 Reply by: Bwallace10327      Posted: Feb. 13, 6:45:45 PM     Points: 204    
For bass//panfish fishing, or sink-tip line with streamers I tie about 3-5' of 10-12lb flourocarbon straight to the line. For pike I use a #40 flourocarbon bite leader (6-8"). Some line has welded loops and some a perfection loop should work fine. I am not an expert by any means, but I fly fish a fair amount and have fun and usually catch fish.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Feb. 13, 9:22:38 PM     Points: 1298    
I would suggest using the Nail Knot to attach the leader to the fly line. Check out a knot-tying website, or U-Tube for instructions on how to tie the knot. Should work fine for mono or mono hybrid, not sure about flouro.
 Reply by: FisherMatt      Posted: Feb. 13, 9:32:54 PM     Points: 193    
^^^What skiman said. Cut that loop off and tie a nail knot. I know of 2 large fish lost because that loop unwelded and let the leader go. Should be able to go a little heavier on the fluoro too since itís clear in water.
 Reply by: Little D      Posted: Feb. 14, 7:21:06 AM     Points: 338    
Thanks for the advice guys, I will definitely give that a shot! Do you guys go through a bit more fly line when nail knotting your leader on?
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: Feb. 14, 7:50:15 AM     Points: 6121    
Attach to your fly line via nail knot a heavy butt section of ~30 lb mono. Cut to about 12" in length, then tie a perfection loop. The result should be a 8-10" section of heavy line attached to your flyline that terminates in a perfection loop. From there, attach your leaders with a loop-loop connection. That way you get the quick-change benefits of a loop-loop connection without the risk of a welded loop coming undone.
 Reply by: navacito      Posted: Feb. 14, 8:52:07 AM     Points: 22    
Any fly I strip retrieve from bonefish to pike I like a Non-slip mono loop knot. I use it for dry flies too. Sometimes it gives the extra action that makes all the difference! For wire tippet I go with 3 wraps.
 Reply by: Little D      Posted: Feb. 14, 4:19:52 PM     Points: 338    
Brookie, I love that idea! If attaching straight tippet could you just clinch knot it onto the perfection loop?
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Feb. 14, 6:10:20 PM     Points: 1298    
...only drawback that I can see is 3 knots versus 1. More of a chance to come unbuttoned, but thatís just my opinion.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Feb. 14, 6:23:44 PM     Points: 4410    
I agree, Brookie.

I have been doing it that way for years. Since I don't use dry flies very often, it's mostly level leaders for fly fishing. I think I get more stealth and sink faster for nymphing, and streamers by using fluorocarbon tippet, even when ice fishing, as well as spinning.

i usually use an improved surgeons knot, instead of the perfection loop with 30# monofilament. Tied with a nail knot onto the fly line.
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: Feb. 14, 8:45:45 PM     Points: 6121    
@littleD I suppose you could tie a knot to the loop, but I'd be afraid of the leader cutting into the loop over time. So long as the butt section of your leader is 12 lb or heavier I would think a loop-loop would do just fine.

@skiman- IMO there's not a fish in freshwater (other than a muskie...maybe) that is going to break a properly tied nail knot or a loop knot on 30 lb monofilament. Besides, the knots in your leader or to your lure are going to fail long before that.
 Reply by: Shoe2      Posted: Feb. 16, 7:54:03 AM     Points: 95    
I have to assume that you are talking about "intermediate fly line". I wouldn't remove the factory loop. Unless it gets damaged. Nail knots fail more than loops. Some solid-core intermediate fly lines are almost impossible to nail knot to. I have used eagle claw leader links on some when there is no factory loop. To prevent a small diameter tippet from digging into the loop of fly line, couple of options. 1) use a very short (like 4') tapered leader with loop at butt end. You can add tippet to that and keep it short. or 2) make your own with a short 1' piece of 15-20 lb test mono to loop to loop with the fly line. Then tie tippet to the end of that. I am not sure the sag from a long leader is as significant as you are thinking. But, certainly a long leader is not needed for full sinking line. I use a short tapered leader on intermediate line. On deeper sinking line, I use method #2.

 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Feb. 16, 8:25:49 AM     Points: 2278    
I put this up awhile ago, a great knot resource.

[log in for link]

 Reply by: Luke the Dog      Posted: Feb. 16, 9:10:38 AM     Points: 34    
I'm going to come down on the "anti" nail knot side for your setup. I've been using the loop-to-loop connections for a long time and a LOT of streamer fishing and never had a failure. Learn to tie the non-slip mono loop in your tippet material and you'll be set. Generally I'll use about a 3' leader when fishing streamers, usually 0X, rarely smaller than 2X, and up to 20# when looking for pike.

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