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Lake: North Delaney

Anyone headed to North Park this weekend?

Post By: Jdavis9478      Posted: 2/9/2018 4:27:14 PM     Points: 778    
Is anybody headed to any of the Delany's tomorrow or Sunday? Heading up at 5AM from Greeley Saturday. I will probably start at North and move over to South later in the day. Let me know if your around and want to drink a beer or FISH!
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 2/9/2018 10:02:56 PM     Points: 3313    
I was going to NP also but with the snow , wind and cold that just moved in I'm going next weekend . :) good luck if you go.
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 2/10/2018 2:55:51 PM     Points: 3313    
So did you go over to NP ?
 Reply by: ashaffer      Posted: 2/10/2018 6:17:25 PM     Points: 40    
Hoping to get that way over the next 10 days, coming from Fort Collins. Ideally not a solo trek, if anyone else is interested.
 Reply by: Jdavis9478      Posted: 2/10/2018 6:58:12 PM     Points: 778    
Up there still. Fishing has been great. Most action ive had at north in years. Finally... Good call on the weather the pass was pretty deep snow. I will post a better update once I return.
 Reply by: Jdavis9478      Posted: 2/12/2018 10:14:28 AM     Points: 778    
Here are a couple photos. Foul hooked the brown thinking it was a monster.
What a pain to get through the hole. Ice seems to be holding at 19". Roads around the lake are starting to drift up. Could get interesting with a couple more big storms. Also stopped by Barnes Meadow on the way back(really wanted to fish Joe Wright, but had no snow shoes) marked 2 but caught nothing, Ice is at about 15" with about 15" of snow and another 3" of slush. Only fished for a about an hour. All fish released

ashaffer- I am probably heading back up the weekend of the 23rd if your around
 Reply by: ashaffer      Posted: 2/12/2018 10:35:43 AM     Points: 40    
Nice fish!

I'll be around that weekend, definitely good to go up to North Park.
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 2/12/2018 8:21:58 PM     Points: 3313    
WTG , thanks for the info .
 Reply by: PikeD      Posted: 2/16/2018 3:12:12 PM     Points: 1655    
Lake John is fishing great. I fished there for three days last weekend. I may have seen you up there at the antlers.

We landed 330 trout in the three days on wax worms, crappie tubes, macho minnows, and jigs with plastics. We got 150 last year so this year is off the charts!

The resort has bait and a perfect clear/Black crappie tube that has been gangbusters.

 Reply by: Jdavis9478      Posted: 2/21/2018 1:26:23 PM     Points: 778    
FMFO: How was the fishing?

I am headed back up Saturday
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 2/21/2018 3:27:18 PM     Points: 3313    
I have not been yet. Hope to soon though. :)