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Lake: Bear Creek Lake

BCL 1-27-18

Post By: ADub TT      Posted: 1/27/2018 4:01:17 PM     Points: 387    
9-10” ice at Peli Point, full lake cap, peeps out everywhere.
 Reply by: Rowan      Posted: 1/27/2018 5:52:19 PM     Points: 381    
How was the fishing? I've heard it's slow.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: 1/27/2018 7:40:24 PM     Points: 387    
Fishing amazing
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: 1/27/2018 7:42:07 PM     Points: 387    
Catching was OK!
Been a while since I have landed anything there soft or hard water. That poor lil pond hasn’t been the same since being murdered by the flood of 9-2013 and again in 2015., got there late afternoon, coupla nibbles and as sun started setting had a 45 minute blast with crawler tipped glow pimple. One hit dead sticking as I was taking pics, others came when I would drop to the bottom, come up a bit and jig. 2 good lil bow bows landed, several good tap taps that would not commit.
I live close so I ran by there for quick fix. Before I knew it-5:22p, had to bolt out and sure enough, ranger sitting near Peli Park Lot watching me leave. Better be at the gate by 5:45 or be ready for ration of$!* $colding..
 Reply by: whocares      Posted: 1/27/2018 8:47:56 PM     Points: 10    
Was there this afternoon also, caught 5 kept 3 for the smoker. Was using 1/2 a mealworm and waxes in 18 feet of water. Slow but still fun just being out there for the first time this year.
 Reply by: opencage      Posted: 1/28/2018 8:01:49 AM     Points: 158459    
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